#510 F26 wallpaper tweak (darker lower right corner)
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago Opened 3 years ago by pfrields.

  • Deadline / Release milestone: Beta -- needs to be completed and repackaged by ~2016-May-09

  • Who is the packager responsible for checking in the artwork? -- Luya usually does this but could be done by someone else with packaging experience. Art tweak could be done by anyone on the team with the appropriate source and sufficient skills.

  • Brief description of the type of release artwork you are looking for. Suggestions: -- The lower right corner of the artwork is too pale for the "fedora" logotype overlay to show up in F26 Workstation. It needs to have some additional contrast that reveals the logo.

The design-team list thread about this is here:

Paul, it's my understanding based on that thread that Kalev Lember can fix this in
gnome-shell-extension-background-logo and I'm guessing then that this ticket can be closed? (Did you file an upstream bug for Kalev? If not, I can.)

I did file a bug (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1441844) -- if there's anyone else who'd like to follow, they can add themselves to CC there. :thumbsup:

The discussion in the mailing list talks about swapping the whitelogo (/usr/share/pixmaps/fedora_whitelogo.svg) for the full fedora logo (/usr/share/pixmaps/fedora-logo.png).

There are two issues here, currently, the white logo is just the logotext, and the suggested change is the full logo + logotype. Personally, i prefer just the logotype for this application for subtlety. The second issue is that whitelogo is an SVG, and the fedora-logo is a png. This may cause us some issues on different screen sizes, especially high-dpi screens.

So if someone can update the fedora-logos content with a dark variant (fedora_darklogo.svg?) -- notifying bug 1441844 about that plan of course -- then the fix is easy, right?

I'm assuming we're not worried about a logotype only SVG in the distro, seeing as how it existed there already for years.


Here are both the fedora blue logotype and the full fedora logo, including the bubble mark.
I kept the same doc width and saved them as inkscape SVG, just like fedora_whitelogo.svg.

I will suggest using a gray-scale Fedora logo because it can adapt to light and dark background.

Here is a proof of concept

The source file is located on https://pagure.io/design/issue/514#comment-439850

A night variant with the same Fedora gray-scale logo

This is the SVG which has to be used with both the standard and the animated bg.

I'm pretty sure we resolved this so closing this ticket, thank you for the great work @sam08 and @luya!

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