#508 Refreshed cover for "Getting Started with Fedora" handbook
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I'm currently working on the second version of the "Getting Started with Fedora" handbook which should finally be translated to English as well. The first version was released almost two years ago and I think for the second release we should refresh it. The last one was done by @mleonova. And she should also have the source files. I'm only attaching a PDF.
The final outcome for our printing agency should be A5, with CMYK, 5mm bleed. But right now, we should only prepare a source file that can be translated and then converted to the final print PDF.


I'd like to get the English version of the handbook out before Flock 2017.

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3 years ago

Here's something that I put together in the last few days ago. I can prepare it in Scribus as well, but does anyone have any thoughts/ critiques about the design of it?


Hi Mary! Looks pretty good! I like the gradient in the background. I'd suggest using Fedora bubbles instead of just circles, what do you think? Also "by Fedora community" part is pretty important, because it is a work of a number of people, and we want to underline the community effort.

Hi sorry for the change in specifications, but the Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller suggested that the handbook should be branded for Fedora Workstation. By only "Fedora" we should only brand the project as a whole. And I agree.
That means we should use the Fedora Workstation logo and change Fedora to Fedora Workstation in the subtitle. This rebranding may require a complete overhaul, not only refreshment in the end.

@eischmann thanks for letting me know. Do you know where I can get an SVG format of the Workstation logos? I thought that I had the logo variants already, but I don't seem to have all of them. I put in a request through Logo/Usage Guidlines wiki for them but haven't heard back yet.

@eischmann thanks for letting me know. Do you know where I can get an SVG format of the Workstation logos? I thought that I had the logo variants already, but I don't seem to have all of them. I put in a request through Logo/Usage Guidlines wiki for them but haven't heard back yet.

@maryshak1996 hey sorry, i had missed the initial logo request. I sent you the logo from the logo queue earlier this week but you can also take them from @mleonova's link.

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3 years ago

Here's a version with the workstation logo, updated headings, and the "by Fedora Community" subhead. I kept the graphics as circles, to stay consistent with the circular shape of the workstation logo... @mleonova do you think that the circles work alright with logo change?

@duffy, can you please review the last version? I'd like to make sure it's ok design and brand-wise before we move further.

Hey @maryshak1996 -

I love the gradient youve made as a backdrop here. It's got some really nice shades of blue in there.

i think the background circles behind the laptop and monitor compete too much and take attention away from the title and computer illustrations.

Have you tried the design just dropping the circles? It feels like itd be stronger without them.

It feels like the scale of the workstation circular logo is a big large compared to the text to the right - is it the same ratio from the logo file? I think id scale it down relatively.... might help w the alignment of "a beginners guide" text - as a chunk, the "fedora workstation beginners guide text" is not centered vertically in the white box makingit look a bit off. If you scaled the logo circle dowb you could cebter it then im thinking.

Im worried the green of the "a beginners guide" text will go out of gamut in printing... maybe just a medium gray would avoid that.

The capitalization up top isnt consistent, either capitalize System or drop caps except for proper nouns and the first word. (Either way is fine - i tend to prefer the informality of the latter but either works. Consistency is most importa t.)

Might even want to pull the "a beginners guide" text to the bottom and make it large, basically replace the "getting started" since they seem redundant? Unless its a series?

Think about the order of precedent here. Text wise the design says in this priority order:

1 Getting Started
2 fedora workstation
3 a beginners guide
4 by the fedora community
5 intro to...

Is that the precedence order meant? My assumption is that 1 above is lower priority than 2 and 3...

Hey @duffy thank you for the feedback! Here's a version without the colored circles, updated top small text (more consistent capitalization), dropped the "Getting Started" text. and updated text hierarchy. I checked on the size/ ratio of the workstation logo (compared it to the workstation logo used on their site and overlayed it to make sure that they match up)
Here's a screen shot of the comparison


@maryshak1996 I love this, awesome work! shipit! looks like something you'd see on the shelf at B&N!

@duffy Thank you, I'm glad you like it!!

@maryshak1996 -- this is really great. Where's the guide? I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but...

@kylerconway I'm not sure where you can find the guide itself; this ticket is just for the updated cover for the handbook. Maybe @eischmann might know where it could be found?

this turned out amazing, great work @maryshak1996! going to close as fixed.

Is it possible to generate a print A5 PDF?

Hi, we got a response from the printing agency, they need the cover to be at least 210x297 mm + 5mm bleed on all sides. Can you please adjust it accordingly? Then we should be good to ok.

@eischmann I reworked it to fit with 210x297mm (or in this case 420x297 because of front and back) and the +5mm bleed, hope that this works and let me know if there seems to be any issues with it

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