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'''Size requirements, can be standard paper size or width and height'''
For apparel or products
Apparel or product type
16mm dice

  • Number of colors to use
    1 (Fedora blue)

  • Background color of the object

  • Print or embroidery
    laser engraved and color filled

  • Print area size (printer can provide this)

  • Templates (if provided by printer)

Crystal Caste produces laser engraved and color filled dice.
There website does not say what the resolution is except 'very fine detail is possible'
I believe that the Fedora Logo could be laser engraved using a halftone for the light blue.
I would like the design team to work with this printer to make these dice.

FAmNA (Fedora Ambassadors North America) asked that "media" approve the dice.
FAmNA log (see 02:27 thru 2:30)
Is this the group that does the "media" review?

I want the guests to use dice to create a passphrase, and keep a die as a reminder of Fedora and their experience. EFF sells Logo dice as a passphrase generator, see example above.

See my presentation on Spin Your Exhibit to understand my thoughts on how swag can be part of a memorable experience.

I also want to make a poster of this xkcd cartoon for the booth, it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License, OK?

The intended order is for 500 16mm dice for $0.42 each.

Jeff Sandys
Fedora Ambassador FAmNA

Please invite me to the design IRC meeting if I can help.

This will require inkscape + scribus print prep. @mleonova will mentor her intern @modry on the design. @modry, assigning to you :)

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Hi @jsandys :)
The printer says on their website that printing with multiple colours IS possible for a fee, so I created two mockups, one using both of the Fedora colours, one with the halftone.
I also tried to contact the printer (14.3.) and get some more info, but they didn't get back to me, so maybe you could try and email them?


Hi @modry, let's make a mockup with just 1 color just in case, and to see what to would look like if the dice is blue?

The halftone in the second graphic appears to blend between the white and blue areas. I believe the laser engraving will result in a 'black or white' image. Since the light blue seems to be a tint of dark blue with 50% white, I think the light blue area should be a half tone grid. The die is laser engraved and the resulting pit is filled with ink.

I haven't talked to the vendor yet, but I think if we offered them several versions of halftone sizes. I think that concentric arcs could be very effective, or radial lines. I think it would be best to offer the vendor several versions acceptable to us.

The two color printed dice is too expensive for my budget, my goal is 500 die for less than $250. Most dices printers want orders of 1000 for color printed dice. My first idea was to just put a fedora sticker on the die, until I found the laser engraved dice. So this is my fallback plan as I can 500 plain dice for $80 and apply color printed sticker labels.

Sorry I missed the design meeting, I sould have subtracted an hour for daylight savings time. I will update the ticket when I hear from the vendor.

I talked to Joe at Chessex and he is making a sample of his design idea. He said he has a blue die of similar color as our dark blue. The finest line that can be filled with ink is 0.4 points. He also suggested just using the fedora name and font type. I will attach a photo of the sample when he sends it.
You can contact Joe at this email address custom@chessex.com

@modry and @mleonova Here are the samples that Chessex made.
I think a gap between the infinity outline and the f would be effective. And I think that a smaller figure with a wider outline would look better. Please contact Joe at custom@chessex.com with your design inputs.

Hi, the die on the left side of the photo is using a version of the logo that isn't permitted. Our official one color version of the logo is to use just the logotype without the mark. The closest you can get to permitted one-color logomark (logomark = the f insignia) is to play with halftones. But I would recommend avoiding it all together and just using the word mark.

So it is OK to order the example on the right? If so I will ask for the logo on the six side instead of the one side. Can someone from the design team send a note to Joe at custom@chessex.com with the approved artwork?

Hi @jsandys, yeh the one on the right with just the wordmark is fine. I think that's the best bet. How did Joe print it if he doesn't have the artwork?

@duffy, Joe pulled the art off the fedora web, he seems eager to do this project and made the f-logo himself, then laser etched and hand filled the examples. I told him we were going to use the fedora logotype (right example) on the number 6 side and have someone send him the scalable vector art (custom@cheesex.com).

@jsandys Ok I'm going to send him the vector now. Sorry for the delay; we do fortnightly ticket triage.

Okay I just sent him the file. I'm closing this ticket since I think the design team portion of it is complete. If not, or if anything else comes up, please feel free to reopen at any time.

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