#501 Need theming for Ipsilon OpenID Connect authorization page
Opened 3 years ago by puiterwijk. Modified 3 years ago


We have a Fedora theme for id.fedoraproject.org, but the OpenID Connect authorization page is currently unthemed, making it fall back to the Ipsilon upstream theme.


The OpenID Connect authorization page is now actually used in production (by phabricator), and we want to make sure there's a single theme people trust for their Fedora credentials.


Please help with theming this page.

Metadata Update from @duffy:
- Issue tagged with: triaged

3 years ago

I think this would be good for Ryan to take; just emailed him about it.

Metadata Update from @ryanlerch:
- Issue assigned to ryanlerch

3 years ago

@ryanlerch this came up in triage today - are you still on this or should we open it back up?

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