#496 New upstream theme for ipsilon
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Filing this for puiterwijk.

Upstream ipsilon uses a patternfly theme but puiterwijk would like upstream to have its own style. I'm thinking a pretty neutral / light grey+white theme would be most appropriate.

To get a view of the upstream theme, look at


And also the integration with hubs-devel env.

Steps I'm seeing to the process:

  1. Identify screens via two methods above.
  2. Mock up what the new theme would look like in Inkscape.
  3. Iterate with puiterwijk until mockups reflect a look we agree will work.
  4. Get a local dev instance of ipsilon and modify templates / css accordingly.
  5. Profit.

Will meet with puiterwijk in January to discuss upcoming UX changes to be incorporated.

Another note - responsive / mobile support a must

FWIW too,

a few of the templates of ipsilon are also redone downstream for Fedora using fedora-bootstrap. They can be found here:


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im opening this up so i'm not hogging it from someone else picking it up.

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

Hi @duffy @puiterwijk does this ticket still need design? I would like to work on this if it does.

@duffy @puiterwijk here's what I've got so far. I went for the white/grey themes. The first one is the simplest one. The second one I probably like the most, but I'm not sure if it's not too dark. The last one is a mix of a few different elements.
Let me know which one you prefer and what you think of them!


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