#491 Icons for FAF - also known as Retrace server or ABRT server

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  • Deadline
    No deadline

  • Size requirements in pixels if applicable
    All sizes applicable for favicon

  • If this is a logo or icon for an application

  • What application is this for?
    FAF - Fedora Analysis Framework - https://retrace.fedoraproject.org/faf/

  • Brief description of what the application does
    Collects crash statistics, searches for duplicates, provides reporters with crash solutions, provides maintainers with analytic tools - https://github.com/abrt/faf/wiki

  • Packager or developer contact information (IRC nick + email + wiki profile page link)
    jfilak + jfilak @redhat.com + https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Jfilak

  • If this is for an icon, please indicate if you need desktop icons or web application icons.
    web application icons

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@mleonova any updates on this one?

this is still on @mleonova 's plate, she has been busy.

  • ABRT is a client software installed on user machines
  • ABRT detects problems like Kernel oops, Python exceptions, core dump files
  • ABRT notifies users about the detected problems via Desktop notifications
  • Users can report the detect problems to Red Hat Bugzilla
  • The reporting consists of 3 steps:
    1. micro-report (pure technical data like memory addresses) to FAF
    2. problem data review
    3. Bugzilla bug

  • FAF is a server collecting micro-reports

  • FAF replies to received a report with known details that may include
  • Solution
  • Recommendations
  • URLs to known bug reports
  • FAF provides Fedora maintainers with crash statistics
    (maintainers can focus on the most significant crashes only)
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Hi! :) Here's a mockup. Hope you like it.


2 months ago

Metadata Update from @terezahl:
- Issue assigned to terezahl (was: mleonova)

The reason for the hedgehog logo is that ABRT notifies people about problems and bugs. And hedgehogs eat bugs. Also I got inspired by some sketches from @mleonova. Inside is kind of minimalistic version of ABRT logo. The logo is very simple, but I guess that's okay, as it's meant for small icon. Black of course stands out more than some lighter colors and makes the whole logo more visible.

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