#486 Request of mockups for targeted Marketing message related to the Fedora upgrade.
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Our early thoughts ran towards to a promotional campaign done by cartoon, but we're open to any artistic idea from the team.



Who got an animation degree earlier this year and has been looking for a way to combine his college education with his passion for free and open source software?

Yep. This guy.

So I've looked over the conversation at the link in this ticket's description. I'm willing to look into creating some sort of video -- either motion graphic or character animation -- that promotes Fedora's easy upgrade path.

But it's gonna require quite a bit of planning and effort to pull off -- definitely more than a couple hours over a weekend -- especially if it's going to be ready in time for F25's release. I'm going to accept this ticket and upgrade its severity to "Moderately Involved."

I'll put together a production schedule and upload it in the next couple of days.

Palmer (pgpattison)

Cool, thanks - I agree that "moderately involved" is appropriate. I think that "quick and easy" was just the default, not an intentional estimate.

Replying to [comment:2 mattdm]:

I think that "quick and easy" was just the default, not an intentional estimate.

Of course It wasn't intentional, I checked the deadline but forgot to change severity. Apologies.


@pgpattison I've been playing around with some motion graphics style stuff just for fun.
Let me know if you think this kind of thing will be useful for you.

@duffy I (finally) uploaded the storyboards and test scene. Boards are shorter and should make it easier to actually meet deadline. https://github.com/pgpattison/f25-upgrade-promo

@mciahdenn You mograph clip looks awesome! After the full logo, can you make the it move up to reveal the URL (https://getfedora.org) behind it, then hold that composition for about four seconds?

@duffy @mciahdenn

So -- barring any major storyboard revisions -- here's what we need to complete this promo.

  1. Dialogue recording. I know a guy, should be able to handle this.
  2. BG music. I've been searching freemusicarchive.org and incompetech.com for a suitable CC-licensed track. If either of you have any recommendations, let me know.
  3. Scene 1 (wall calendar). We should be able to use the test scene as-is. Let me know if you disagree.
  4. Three-quarter shot of laptop on table with Panda. (Scenes 2, 6, and... um, 9?) Need to build the following assets, probably in Inkscape: laptop, Panda (from waist up), coffee cup, table top (simple rectangle), and chair back (simple rounded rectangle).
  5. Over-the-shoulder shot on Panda's laptop. (Scenes 3 and 8) Assets needed: tabletop ('nother simple rectangle), laptop, front of Panda (waist up, for screen reflection), back of Panda (also waist up, so she can take a seat in scene 3), simulated Plymouth-to-GDM-to-GNOME-Shell sequence for laptop screen (once pre-upgrade, another post-upgrade).
  6. Fullscreen capture of GNOME Software upgrade prompts. (Scene 4) Can probably be done with a VM. 5-10 seconds of on-screen action should be plenty.
  7. Fullscreen capture of Plasma desktop with Konsole, starting the upgrade process with DNF. Can probably also be done with a VM. Again, 5-10 seconds should be enough.
  8. Wall clock animation for scene 7. Should be fairly simple, I can do this in Synfig.

Once we have the vector assets built, I should be able to import them into Synfig, animate them, and build the final edit (complete with audio) in OpenShot.

So... who wants what?

@mciahdenn Thing o' beauty! Now we just need to finish the remaining nine scenes. (eep!)

pgpattison - still into this? I can build the inkscape assets (many already exist in the fedora badges assets library)

@duffy I started working on the Inkscape assets after getting no response (other than Micah's rework of the final shot). The change in F25's release date helped. Should be able to finish this over the weekend.

P.S. Sorry for not being there for this morning's IRC meeting. I was working on a paying deadline for an unrelated project late last night.

@duffy P.P.S. Any feedback on the storyboard? Particularly with the VO script? -Palmer

I'm new to this but if I take time I would like to propose an animation option for this project.
I've seen the story
Why a panda bear?
Do we want to associate a panda with the Fedora brand?

Hello @salvaestudio ,

The deadline for this request is two days away (Tuesday, November 22), so changing the story or starting over really isn't an option. Also, I'm nearly done building the animation assets, so I don't have anything to delegate to you.

The panda character has been associated with the Fedora Project for a long time. For example, see https://badges.fedoraproject.org/explore/badges

I'm hoping that this request will lead to other animated films for the Fedora Project. If it does, I will definitely be interested in collaborating with you.


Ok, I thought we had more time.
I'm a newcomer.
I feel the confusion.
I hope to be able to collaborate in other projects.

@salvaestudio I hope so too. Welcome to the Design Team! :-)


Progress update: Vector assets are completed. Still need to animate the individual shots and edit them together. Going to need another day or two, which means I missed deadline on this. Sorry about that, Hopefully the end product will be worth the wait.

You can see some work-in-progress images at https://github.com/pgpattison/f25-upgrade-promo/tree/master/WIP%20Still%20Images%202016-11-22


@duffy @mciahdenn Will one of you please remove me as the assignee for this ticket? Upgrading to F25 broke my ability to save Inkscape SVG assets as SIF files and then open them in Synfig Studio. The resulting vector data is damaged and unusable. I've lost several hours trying to remedy the problem, Including rolling back both Inkscape and Synfig Studio to known-good stable versions, with no success.

I'm not going to stop using Fedora or participating in the Design Group. I just can't describe upgrading Fedora as "fast, easy, and painless" when in reality it's resulted in so much breakage on my own system.

If someone wants to pick up where I left off, you'll find the assets I've developed so far at https://github.com/pgpattison/f25-upgrade-promo


Palmer, sorry you had that bad experience. It looks like the inkscape version increased from 0.91 to a pre-release version of 0.92, and possibly the issue crept in there. Have you filed a bug for the problem either upstream or with Fedora? Hopefully it will be fixed in the final 0.92 — although the fact that it didn't work to roll back is concerning.

Hi @mattdm,

Thanks for the reply. F25 includes pre-release versions of both Inkscape and Synfig Studio. In fact the version of Synfig Studio in F25's repo has a GUI-related bug that's immediately apparent when it runs.

The fact that the problem persists even after forcibly installing known-good versions suggests that the cause may be in a dependent library rather than in the applications themselves (yes, that's a total non-developer's guess).

I've filed a bug report. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1399121

If this were any other design request, I'd be willing to just re-install F24 and work with it until the issues with F25 get resolved; but since the whole point of this campaign is to advertise a fast and painless upgrade path from one version to the next... You see where I'm coming from?

It's also nearly a week past F25's GA. Even if we can successfully troubleshoot this issue, it'll take additional time after that to complete this design request. Do you still want to try completing this request ASAP, or should we look toward F26 (and maybe use the extra time to put some added polish on it)?


@pgpattison thanks for the bug report and your work on this ticket.

This was a last-minute ticket so I think we should push to F26. I'm reassigning to @mciahdenn.

We talked about this in the meeting today. Micah has been workin gon the assets and has done some blender experiments. Has been considering rewriting the script but the audio is already recorded. Mo offered to record a new script if Micah felt a different script might work better with the note we have a lot more time now.

@mciahdenn hey this came up in triage today. do you still want to keep this or should we open it up? do you need any help?

@duffy Sorry for the radio silence (life/family/mental health got in the way). Anyway, I'm back now.

I'm still interested in working on this. Would love some help from anyone who can.

I think it would be good to go back and discuss this again just to clarify the goals/message of what we are trying to convey here.

Hi @mciahdenn! from our IRC chat today:

so i just read through the thread on that
it looks like they are just looking for something short and memorable to build awareness around how fedora's upgrades work now
there were a couple of story boardish suggestions Micah Denn in the thread
user sits down, clicks 'upgrade' on fedora, drinks some coffee, upgrade is done
user sits down, clicks 'upgrade' on fedora, orders pizza, fedora is done before pizza arrives
user sits down, cat walks across keyboard and accidentally upgrades computer, it's done quickly
theres a few things we have to keep in mind -
preexisting user misconceptions about fedora (we used to be way worse, it used to work differently)
emphasizing ease of upgrade (it's one click and a reboot)
emphasizing speed of upgrade (depends on factors, probably 30 min or less)
i like the coffee and pizza scenarios, maybe we can do another one, e.g., parent reading child a book, person going for a quick run
i would also suggest a beginning title mentioning specifically that we've worked on upgrades and they now are better (in 2017) or something like that

Micah Denn
Should we try to include any actual specifics on how upgrades work now?

it might be nice to include an actual screenshot to show the upgrade button

Micah Denn:
do you need specifics on the upgrade process to do that?

we can probably have someone provide you screenshots
^^ so that link basically shows the process. it really is super simple.
it should be the same for f26

Micah Denn
Do you think we could get an updated screenshot or should I use the one from the magazine and just change the 25 to 26 in gimp

Micah Denn: what i would do - since it would be nice if the video could be used for longer than just say 1 release.... can you use the one from the magazine, but make the bg on it a generic fedora blue, and just fudge the text to say something like, "A new Fedora is available!"

Micah Denn
yeah that's a good idea

so the rough script would be something like
1 - Front title: "Upgrading Fedora used to be a hassle..."
2 - Front title: "We've listened, and made it a simple process."
3 - Fade in graphic of person at computer, typing
4 - Show screenshot (from Fedora mag, generic blue bg, "A new Fedora is available!" text with "Download" button). Show pointer moving to and user clicking on "download"
5 - Show user walking away from computer, have some coffee grinder / coffee maker noises overlaid maybe?
6 - close up of screen - (we need a screenshot of this) - dialog pops up, download complete, reboot to upgrade?
7 - back to full frame shot of computer scene, user walks back into scene holding coffee cup, clicks "reboot" button
8 - close up of user sipping coffee and relaxing
9 - screen close up - upgrade progress finishes and fedora login screen appears
10 - person close up - smilse
something like that?
i guess that's a lot on its own
without more scenarios
^^ Micah Denn what do you think?

Micah Denn
I think I can work with that

maybe a closing title too... "Fedora - now easy to upgrade." with maybe a link below for more info (we'll ask the folks in the thread for a more info link)
Micah Denn: okay cool, so the next step would be storyboard / sketching that, sound doable?

Micah Denn
I'm wondering if we could avoid animating and actual person
what if we did it with more of a motion graphics style
eg. we could just have an animation of a coffee cup opposed to somebody getting up and making coffee
if that makes sense?

kind of like how netflix promos do the layered static sprites?

Micah Denn
haven't seen them are there any examples on youtube?

theyre running on my tv screen right now lol

Micah Denn
like this? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMZpqOS4CCs

What is Netflix - Vector Animation - YouTube
Project made for Savannah College of Art and Design. In this project, we had to create an animation using vectors mixed with any other technique. This is a v...

no uploading sec
fm-design (IRC)
pagure.issue.comment.added -- bee2502 commented on ticket fedora-diversity#2: "Define onboarding steps for bringing in new members" https://pagure.io/fedora-diversity/issue/2#comment-436717

Issue #2: Define onboarding steps for bringing in new members - fedora-diversity - Pagure
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Micah Denn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-88qd85lytk

April 13, 2017 - YouTube

Micah Denn
That could work
but I think with vector illustrations for the sprites photos for the sprites
oops that doesn't make sense
*but with vector illustrations instead of photos

i wonder if it'd work as well with vectors
we can see though
i trust your judgment :)
ill copy/paste the rough script into the ticket?

Micah Denn
you clearly don't know me well enough :)

coolio :)
ok im going to end meeting now to cuz we're over. thanks Micah Denn :)

hey @mciahdenn - any updates on this one? it came up during triage at the meeting today.

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