#436 Update Fedora Booth Materials
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== Deadline ==

  • Deadline for design to be sent to printer
    Unknown (eischmann)

  • Deadline for items to be shipped and ready to hand out
    Unknown (eischmann)

  • If you can, please provide us with example photos of items that are similar to the result you're looking for
    Looking for roll up designs, Looking for table cloth design, Anything else? (eischmann)

  • Printer contact information if available

Unknown (eischmann)

  • Is this for an event?
    For multiple Fedora events

'''Size requirements, can be standard paper size or width and height'''

  • Number of colors to use
    Assuming unlimited colors for roll ups
    Is tablecloth screenprint?

  • Print area size (printer can provide this)
    Unknown (eischmann)

  • Templates (if provided by printer)

We were talking with Mo and she came up with a cool idea to have 2 types of roll-ups for events:

<mizmo> we could have one slogan focused towards fedora-specific events or linux-specific events, 'choose freedom. choose fedora.' would work well there.
Then for more diverse events, like, sxsw or maybe a maker event or general technology event, we could have a slogan that was more explanatory like, 'free your computer. try fedora.' or 'the freedom-focused operating system' or something like that.

So here's a proposal for the 1st banner, with the updated font


Some more ideas:
- a roll up promoting workstation, server, etc

  • for the table cloth: <mizmo> depending on the type of conference, we might want a different slogan, so put a different one on either side.
    So the one not in use is facing the people sitting at the booth and nobody sees it.

  • other possible stuff for the booth: standee for flyers, updated cheat cubes

can we stick with one design please?

https://gnokii.fedorapeople.org/banner-czech2.png SVG is laying there to

for rollups the design is simple on my fpo and its especially with rollup nonsens to shoot into the blue. Just simple tell us the needed size and then we make it!!!

Hey [comment:6 gnokii], there's been a long discussion. And the reason for this ticket is that we've been using the very same banner for so long now, we feel like an update is due. Noone says get rid of the old one. Also people have a very positive reaction to blue Fedora swag and brand materials, which can be further carried on onto the banner. The slogan is very nice, too, and together with 4 foundations they make a powerful statement.

Hey, this looks good so far. Just a few suggestions from the Design Team meeting.

  1. Try moving the second "Choose" on a diagonal
  2. Play around with sizing of text. For example try "Choose Freedom." in same size and "choose" that goes with Fedora smaller. The text could use some contrast

Thanks :)

Are we going ahead with this? Any help needed here?

Replying to [comment:9 elioqoshi]:

Are we going ahead with this? Any help needed here?

We absolutely are! I was just on PTO. Going to get beck to booth materials asap.

Ok, guys, take a look: I've made second Choose diagonal and added an arrow, that I thought the banner was missing. What do you say?


just a note, its a bad idea to use at this size embedded raster graphics, that will get blurred

Did some work on a new concept, going off of mleonova's work with the banner to start out. Any thoughts as I move forward into designing other swag to compliment it?
[[Image(ticket #436_banner_attempt 1.png)]]

ticket #436_banner_attempt 1.png

ticket #436_banner_attempt 1.svg

just finished up a draft of an idea for a new table cloth that I think would compliment the above banner. does anyone know more specifics on the specs that we used for the existing table cloths and banners? I looked up standard sizes for both and designed the banner as an 84"x36" portrait and the table cloth as a 60"x120" landscape for now and can tweak the design once I know the sizes we'd like to use. I checked https://pagure.io/designassets/tree/master but could not find anything for this type of standing banner or a table cloth.

[[Image(ticket #436_ table cloth.png)]]

came with a couple of other more supplemental swag items to give out at conferences. they're just rough ideas to see what people think but i'll probably have to get in contact with marketing folks or others as well.

notepad idea:
[[Image(ticket #436_ notepad 1.png)]]

pen idea:
[[Image(ticket #436_pen.png)]]

USB idea:
[[Image(ticket #436_usb.png)]]

water bottle idea:
[[Image(ticket #436_water bottle.png)]]

idea for a new laptop sticker (black background is just to show the white outline... not actually part of the design)
[[Image(sticker #2.png)]]


just attached a zip with mockups for two different water bottles, two different sticker designs, and a notepad (all using Staples Promotional Products). For now, I've abandoned the pen and USB ideas because of the cost to make them and the color restrictions with getting them made. Still working on finishing up a table cloth design and mockup, and likewise with the standing banner. PNGs and SVGs of the design files will be up soon; I just wanted to post these screenshots so you all can get an idea of the finished product (if we decide to move forward with any of the products).

Here's a rough idea of an idea that myself and @mizmo came up with for a standing banner. I used the specs for a banner that I found made of flexible white-board material so that as people come to explore the Fedora booth they are extra engaged :) Here's the idea...



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