#411 Desktop spin icons on stg.getfedora look grayed out and lack color recognition
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The icons identifying the desktop spins on:
look as if they were grayed out. The grayed-out appearance is likely to mislead users into believing that the spin is not available for some reason.

In addition, the graying out removes the upstream color branding. This makes them much less recognizable.

Please use colored icons in the respective upstream color schemes.

We are using them as additional ''help'' for users who are looking for desktop spins, although we are showing them on getfedora.org where we want to promote Fedora Editions only. That's also the main reason why they should not have the same prominence as the 3 editions. I think this is a much better way than the actual one, where we have only a link to spins, labs and ARM.

These icons are in use already on arm.fp.o and I don't feel the greyed icons are bad. We were using them (and are still using them for a couple of days) even for the editions on the main index.

I'd consider this as a wontfix from a web POV.

where we want to promote Fedora Editions only

Says who? (Especially the "only" part!)

Who? It's since F21 we have different websites, which have different targets.
Specifically speaking about getfedora.org, it's not the place where you get Desktop spins, or functional spins or ARM images, it's the website where you get the main Fedora Editions: Workstation, Server and Cloud. And yes, on getfedora.org you get the editions ''only''.

Maybe if the icons have a hover state, they will less likely be interpreted as inactive buttons. At the moment, the only feedback when hovering over the buttons is the mouse pointer changing.

It could be changed so when the user hovers an icon, it becomes a blue version of the icon, providing more feedback to the user that it is a link.

the grey is matched to the gray used on arm.fpo, but i do agree in this context it looks a little too washed out / inactive. i think it might be better to match the gray to the same as used in the 'ask fedora' logotype so it's clear it's not inactive. i will put the new artwork together for this.

I don't think making the gray darker is going to help. Those logos really need the colors. (How would the Fedora community react if, e.g., Distrowatch changed the Fedora logo to grayscale?)

Well, I disagree, and as the designer I am going to try darkening the gfx. I am sorry this is not the solution that you want, but I think it is the best and least invasive option.

screenshot of the icon change

Years later, the design is still as broken and hostile as ever.

(Well, over a year later.)

To elaborate on it, ALL OTHER icons on getfedora.org have color. ONLY the spin icons are artificially grayed out. (Those icons are NOT grayscale by design, they all come from upstreams and have a color identity that you are deliberately ignoring.) I can only reiterate my comparison from a year ago: Imagine if Distrowatch used colored icons for Ubuntu, Debian and Gentoo, and grayscale for Fedora, would you not feel offended?

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Just look at the current production page at https://getfedora.org/ to see how the grayscale icons still don't fit at all.

I think we can do better than this, Fedora is about freedom, but we are not giving users freedom when we 'dumb-down' Spins as unimportant to the Fedora community.

I've been vocal on IRC about this and It's time Fedora designers of this site Step up and explain, why this is acceptable.

I won't get into the political history it's well known.

Here we go:
1) getfedora.org is about Fedora flavors (Workstation, Server, Atomic) and the goal of this website is a brochure site of them where people can grab them.
2) Nobody dumbs down anything, otherwise we would have made spins.fpo, labs.fpo, arm.fpo or alt.fpo. The target is just different.
3) History is clear, yes: its name is fedora.next. All the rest is before that and cannot be applied anymore, too many things changed in the meanwhile.

Every website has a target and a main goal, and we have a clear target for getfedora, we hav another target for spins.fpo, and a slightly different one for labs.fpo. Do we list functional spins on spins.fpo? No, we don't, because we don't want to mix up them with desktop spins. We should also just mention there are many other ways to say "Fedora" than Workstation. We did even more for desktop spins, we added icons of them on getfedora.org. The positioning is quite on top for them, again, they are NOT the target of this website.
What should labs people say? Or arm? We just mention they are there, and we also do this inside getfedora.org, in every single download page.

So, these are the reasons, they have been discussed with marketing and design and make perfectly sense. Making spins more prominent would be bad for getfedora.org, we would loose the main goal and target users.

I hope we can close this ticket after this short summary.

It is called getfedora.org, not getfedoraeditions.org or getfedoraflavors.org, so it should be about Fedora as a whole. Real users come to it looking for KDE, get the "Workstation" download, and then come complaining to us on #fedora-kde because there is only GNOME there (which is not mentioned anywhere, the word "GNOME" does not even show up!).

I'm not going to repeat the whole comment I left in #412, but I will state that it's weird and discouraging that the spins are the only things grayed out in an otherwise very colorful and beautiful looking website.

It makes it look like we just mention them because we have to, but we give no hints that they're clickable or actually still available.

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Why the heck did you mark the bug private? Is that a new attempt at sweeping issues under the rug?

Also, I don't see how this is Fixed. The issue is very visibly NOT fixed. At most it is a "Won't fix" or something.

I think continuing re-discussing the same thing with the same result is not useful. I also don't see where you read the ticket is fixed; it's just closed, without further action. So it can be understood as a "wontfix", correct.

It says:

Closed as: Fixed

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