#329 FUDCon 2014 Beijing Banner Design Request
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We are preparing FUDCon 2014 Beijing [1], we need some banners for the showing/marketing.

First, we need a vertical banner hung in mall hall, which is 1.6x4m . There is actually another one by GNOME.Asia. Each one is on one side of the front wall. We want to put the event theme or slogan on it. GNOME.Asia has set its theme 'Evolution of the Desktop'. FUDCon have some options to be choose from: (You may suggest better ones of course)

  • Innovation for the Community
  • Distribution of the Next Decade
  • Fedora: 'Continually improving'
  • Fedora: Forward thinking!

It might be difficult to place English phrases vertically, and we would like your input.

Another banner will be a large banner (5m x 3m) behind registration desk standing on the ground. We want to design it together with GNOME, and use a unified design.

We would like to get the first design early next week (before Wednesday), and then finish the second design next week.



I prefer the first one: '''Innovation for the Community'''

+1 for Innovation for the Community

We have chosen "Innovation for the Community", and the final design is made by a local designer.

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