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I've been working on a small website which I aim to call "This week in Fedora". The idea being to visualize what community members are doing using fedmsg and datagrepper as source of information.

Current version can be found at: http://ambre.pingoured.fr/thisweekinfedora/

It could use a little more Fedora theme as you can see, so if someone has ideas please let me know.


Hey, i would love to take this ticket. I have been working with Fedora Magazine website and Flock site too; do you have anything in mind for this site?

what do you have in mind for this? a simple feed look or more like an infographics?

Also, is this plain html or are you using a framework?

Hi tatica,

Thanks for the quick reply, I'm glad to see you like the idea :)

I think I would like something simple for it, as you can see the content is pretty much the same every week so something like Fedora Magazine wouldn't really suit.

The website is powered by http://nikola.ralsina.com.ar/ and the sources of the project are available on github: https://github.com/pypingou/thisweekinfedora (I might move that to hosted and the fedora-infra group of github at some point).

Feel free to ping me on irc or here if I can help in any way.
Thanks again!


I'm new on community. However I have been using fedora for a while now.
I got suggested by some one on design team mail group to take up this task.

Is this ticket still active? please let me know if I can help in any way.


Hi gsverma,

Thanks for stepping up.

The ticket is still active feel free to poke at it or ask any question you might have :)

Opening this ticket up for others to help out with due to 2+ weeks of inactivity (5 weeks)

Pingou, the link in the ticket description is dead, can you help provide a better one? http://nikola.ralsina.com.ar/

A better one for the current end result would be: http://thisweekinfedora.org/ (as pfrields said)

For the framework: http://getnikola.com/ seems to be the latest

Just a quick update in case this is brought up in the meeting today.

I almost have a decent looking mockup done, last week and this one has been a bit hectic with midterms for this semester. Still working when time arises :)

hey sadin! any progress updates? i know you had emailed me recently that you were still working on this even though the ticket says 2 months ago, it was maybe 2 weeks ago we talked about this one. can you give us an update here?

So here goes my best attempt to explain things as it stands. I have a design sketched up need to finalize it and send it to you guys in IRC tonight. Pingou and I Discovered a while back that the source code doesnt work with the current version of nikola ( im assuming the version hes using in his virtualenv for python is rather dated. ) So this project has become not only a redesign but an effort to bring thisweekinfedora up to date to use the latest versions of its dependencies.

Im working on the design as well as the source now so this as well as the semester wrapping up is why this has been so slow going, it now has my full attention and I deeply apologize!

Looking forward my main goals are currently,
* Bring the repo up to date to use the latest version of Nikola
* Implement the design once its approved by the team

Looking forward my main goals are currently,
* Bring the repo up to date to use the latest version of Nikola
* Implement the design once its approved by the team

Looking deeper at this I plan to update the application to be compatible with Nikola v7.4.1 [https://getnikola.com/]

( The developers have come out and said that some major version changes break backwards compatibility so should this issue arise again Ill work on keeping it up to date with the latest release )

My assumptions were completely wrong and I feel incredibly stupid for not understanding the following error.

Traceback (most recent call last):ild.state.change - page: 76/122
File "twif.py", line 375, in <module>
File "twif.py", line 343, in process_week
datetime_to, datetime_from)
File "twif.py", line 123, in get_fedora_contributors
datetime_from, datetime_to, TOPICS[topic], full=True)
File "twif.py", line 93, in query_datagrepper
topic, cnt, json_out['pages'])
KeyError: 'pages'

I will have a live theme mockup running under my domain shortly so progress can be checked, will post link when its up. I'll check this one off as a learning experience I guess.

Hey Sadin! Any updates? If things are too busy now we can also open it up for other contributors - up to you.

We agreed looking into it on Design Clinic at Flock, so lets see what comes out there

We worked on this mockup during the design clinic at flock; ryanlerch created this one:

I have one on my laptop too that I will have to upload later.

ryanlerch has more he can post later as well, in html/css

okay i searched my laptop and i cannot for the life of me find the mockpu i did at flock :( ryan, do you have your html/css mockup?

hey ryanlerch, any updates on this one?

Hey ryanlerch, any updates here? Can you post files? Thanks!

just sent ryan an email

Ryan, I am hoping we can collaborate on this to finish up this ticket. Let me know soon as I am assigning this to myself.

Ryan and me had a chat about the "This week in fedora" webpage, I am going to summarize what we had discussed so far :

  1. It would be useful if we could the add the last week stats to the fedora-community blog itself

  2. The visualization on the top would be a good start , we can add it to the blog

  3. Make it as weekly post in the community blog

This ticket is open for a designer to take!

Hey @pingou and @duffy! So what do you think the designer should do here? Will it be a widget / blog post? What info will it contain? Is the ticket still valid? Thanks :)

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2 years ago

Is this issue still open?

I believe it was talked about that the data hosted on this site be put in some sort of widget for the community blog as mentioned above.

I dont think the site is still reporting data even though it is still online http://thisweekinfedora.org/
last post was from 2015.

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