#6 Flatpak Code Merge & Infrastructure
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New initiative: Flatpak Code Merge & Infrastructure

What is this initiative about?

Enables packagers to build their applications as Flatpaks in Fedora infrastructure

Why this initiative?

Flatpaks are really important to Silverblue where installing applications otherwise involves layering RPMS over the standard OS Tree. Flatpaks could also become even more important in the near future for Fedora if they become a service in RHEL to keep the project aligned with the business.

Definition of success

  • Deploy indexer code & replace regindexer
  • Provide infrastructure for Flatpak service to run and assist in standing it up/deployment
  • Help review logs, run playbooks, etc when the maintainer needs it

What are your nice or really nice to have wishes?
Tests for Flatpak troubleshooting/debugging written for users
Defined long term ownership of the service - it is currently not maintained full time.

Area/community impacted

Fedora Silverblue, Fedora Applications - this user group will benefit from this work


  • Both Koji & OSBS are involved with the Flatpak building service and will need to be considered when working with Flatpaks
  • Other services within the Flatpak pipeline need to be engaged when providing the infrastructure to make sure there are no issues and Flatpaks can be deployed within it

Possible Skillsets Required

This request would best be suited to be worked on by a team who have experience as packagers, using Flatpaks in its existing setup and infrastructure permissions to assign resources for the project


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