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New initiative: PDC replacement

What is this initiative about?

PDC is the Product Definition Center, running at: https://pdc.fedoraproject.org/
However, this application, developed internally, is no longer maintained. This codebase has been "orphaned" for a few years now and we need to find a solution for it.
We should review and have a critical look on what we store in there, see what is really needed and then find a solution for its replacement.

Why this initiative?

PDC is a core-component to our dist-git mechanism as it stores for each branch in dist-git their "End-Of-Life" (EOL) date after which packagers are not allowed to push to these branches.

PDC is also used to store information about composes that is used, among others, by @adamwill.

Definition of success

What is the minimal outcome you would like to see from this initiative to be satisfied?

  • We have a fresh look at the data store
  • We record somewhere what we store, why and for how long
  • We have a new/maintained code-base to store this data
  • We port the tools populating the data to PDC to use this new code-base instead
  • We port the tools using PDC as data-source to use this new code-base instead

What are your nice or really nice to have wishes?

Area/community impacted

Will this initiative impact CentOS, Fedora? All users? All contributors? A group of contributors (which)?

Community: Fedora
Contributors: Packagers and QA


Do this initiative have any dependencies? - Not really
Skills needed? - Python dev
Person who must or should be involved? - For input to the current usage of PDC: @kevin @mohanboddu @adamwill
Other work that should be completed prior to this initiative? - None that I can think of


Is this initiative under a time-constraint? Should it start or end before a certain date?
Not real time-constraint but it is an unmaintained code-base.

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2 years ago

For RHEL products we forked PDC and use a small part of it's API related to content delivery repositories. It's meant to be replaced in the future with a new microservice but I'm sceptical about it happening any time soon.

It would be nice if it's possible to resurrect https://github.com/product-definition-center/product-definition-center for Fedora use: cut off all the unneeded parts, update to Python 3 [1] and migrate to a supported Django version [2].

BTW, what happened to fpdc?

[1] Work done in my py3 branch (I believe this passed all the unit tests and was in working order, but that was 3 years ago).
[2] It support version 2.1 in my branch, but dependabot on github now complains that is should be at least 2.2.13.

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I've written down what I use PDC for several times in response to previous initiatives of this kind. Here's my latest write-up, from devel list.

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