#30 Unite ansible deployments across CentOS and Fedora
Opened 7 months ago by zlopez. Modified 7 months ago

New initiative: Unite ansible deployments across CentOS and Fedora

What is this initiative about?

Currently the Fedora and CentOS both using ansible as way of deploying things in infrastructure. It would be beneficial to unite the playbooks and use best practices for our deployments, especially for OpenShift deployments.

Why this initiative?

This will make sharing work and knowledge between CentOS and Fedora much easier.

Definition of success

What is the minimal outcome you would like to see from this initiative to be satisfied?

To have guidelines for new ansible playbooks for both Fedora and CentOS

What are your nice or really nice to have wishes?

Convert at least the OpenShift playbooks to the new approach, so new folks can start from there

Area/community impacted

This will impact both Fedora and CentOS infrastructure and their contributors


This initiative doesn't have any dependencies


No deadline

So, a few things I'd like to note here. ;)

First, we did try and settle on some guidelines way back when cpe was formed. However, that said, there's a lot of history on both sides and the setup is very different (one repo for everything, seperate repos for everything, etc). Even if we decided one or the other approach should be used everywhere, it would mean a massive conversion effort.

Second, we are working on deploying AWX. It may be we need to adjust how things are setup in the fedora side to get that all working, and have to redo/change the way things are setup anyhow.

Finally, I think CentOS side does deploy openshift apps basically the same way we do... but I might be wrong.

So, personally, I'd say at least to defer this until after the AWX work is done so we can see what all is going to need to change, but I suppose we could try and work out common guidelines at a higher level before that work is done.

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