#20 Automate packaging of infra apps in Fedora
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New initiative: Automate packaging of infra apps in Fedora

What is this initiative about?

Using packit as way to automate publishing packages for your infra apps in Fedora.

Why this initiative?

It's somewhat a shame that we don't have all our own apps published as rpm packages in Fedora. It would be nice to have them all packaged and packit could provide an easy way to automate this.

Definition of success

Minimal outcome is to have all the apps we are maintaining and running available as packages in Fedora.

Nice would be to have this process automated.

Area/community impacted

This will make a live easier for anyone who wants to deploy their own instance of our apps. It will also be better for us to deploy the apps in our playbook as rpm packages instead of downloading them from PyPi.


It would be nice to have somebody from packit team helping with this.


This is not really rushing.

can this be potentially an outreachy project?
with collaborative mentoring from CPE and packit team
(I know it can be more challenging to mentor and get something done but good opportunity to onboard someone)
it's understandable if it's a big hassle

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