#18 Webhook to Fedora Messaging application
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In the last quarter of 2021, a mini-initiative was completed that finished and deployed the discourse2fedmsg application. In short, this application is a simple flask app that recieves POST requests from discourse (i.e. "webhooks") and turns them into Fedora Messages, and then sends them through to the Fedora Messaging Queue.

Webhooks are a fairly common feature in current web applications, so this proposal is to create a new web application that can reuse common parts of discourse2fedmsg and set it up to be extended send messages from other webhook enabled apps.

This would allow us to easily add support for apps like gitlab without having to deploy and create additional flask applications for each app that gets added in the future,

I did something similar for centos: https://github.com/CentOS/gitlab-webhooks

It receives post requests from gitlab and forwards them to fedora-messaging, that app could be extended if there is interest.

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2 years ago

The ARC investigation is now available here

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