#14 Upgraded Frontend for lists.centos.org
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New initiative: Upgraded Frontend for lists.centos.org

What is this initiative about?

A solution such as Apache Ponymail -
https://ponymail.apache.org/ - as a frontend service, or some other solution that doesn't care what mailing list manager lists.centos.org are currently using, and so there's no changes necessary to how we're handling the mailing lists. Ideally there is a solution that simply imports the existing mboxes, and then subscribes to the list going forward.

Why this initiative?

The CentOS mailing lists are the main source of truth, discussion and announcements for the CentOS community. Having a more friendly front-end to users of the CentOS mailing lists when navigating content and making content more easier to find would be hugely beneficial as it would mean less important conversations and announcements being missed.

Definition of success

To be confirmed with requestor

What is the minimal outcome you would like to see from this initiative to be satisfied?
To be confirmed with requestor

What are your nice or really nice to have wishes?
Parity with Fedoras mailing list manager Hyperkitty

Area/community impacted

Primarily CentOS mailing lists and subscribers


Do this initiative have any dependencies?
None identified at this time
Skills needed?
Access to CentOS infra
Familiarity with mailing list manager software
Person who must or should be involved?
Unknown at this time
Other work that should be completed prior to this initiative?
* Unknown at this time


As soon as possible

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This request requires a decision from the CentOS Board as to whether this work is still needed. Ticket open here https://git.centos.org/centos/board/issue/118 and marking this as Needs Info for now.

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- Issue tagged with: Needs Info

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