#13 Syngrafias - Synchronized Nonintrusive Authorship
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New initiative: Syngrafias

This is where the project is being developed


What is this initiative about?

  • This initiative is about introducing a web application in the document's workflow to facilitate easier and seamless editing of documentation and wiki pages. The application provides for workspaces, the identity of which can be shared amongst collaborators for interest for allowing them to review the work and/or contribute to the work.
  • The changes made to the workspace are immediately processed in the client-side AsciiDoctor processor to bring out a preview of how the documentation would look like when hosted on the documentation sites. Also, these changes are synchronized to all the users connected to a workspace in real-time so they can see/modify the changes you make.
  • The Unity Mode is targeted towards a conventional documentation editing scenario where multiple users can come together, edit and review the documentations in real-time while the Cellular Mode is oriented towards serving as a note editor for meets or as interactive notepad for sharing among developers.

Why this initiative?

  • The current workflow of the documentation team for editing a document is as follows,
    • First, fork a repository which contains the document that needs editing.
    • Second, clone the fork to their local storage.
    • Third, create and checkout a branch.
    • Fourth, make the proposed/requested changes in the branch.
    • Fifth, build the documentation locally using Antora.
    • Sixth, check if the preview works fine - if not fall back to fourth step and repeat.
    • Seventh, once satisfied with the changes, make the commits and push them.
    • Eighth, make a PR against a deployed branch and wait for review.
  • There can be other nuances to the workflow as well and I apologise if I missed out on some important steps in between but I believe that the above points, more-or-less, cover the important parts of the workflow in an abstract manner. Note that this workflow works just fine but that is not to say, that it cannot be improved upon.
  • Fedora, being a cross-cultural community, with folks from across a variety of work domains in their life - the use of Git and Antora in documentation management limits the accessibility to a certain extent to only the technical folks (or insists them to learn the same - which is a good thing, I think)
  • The initiative would help reduce the apparent effect of version control (by automating the commits) on users, and keep off from the repeated build-and-preview cycles of checking how the edits look for a commonplace or technical users alike, who would appreciate a simpler workflow for something as simple as correcting a typo.
  • Even, the review process of the documentation changes can be streamlined by simply sharing a workspace identity with the reviewer so that they can take a look at it and make necessary suggestions at their end without even cloning their fork, checking out that branch and building it to take a look at the changes.
  • The Cellular Mode can work as an alternative to the likes of HackMD etc. for making notes and sharing notebooks with multiple cells whenever a meeting is going on. The cellular nature of the workspace enables unintrusiveness across multiple cells and the freedom to solely editing a cell by locking its access.

Definition of success

Minimal outcome

  • Completion of the development of the project and integration with FAS to retain the edits persistently.
  • Adoption of Syngrafias Unity Mode in the tool-chain of documentation creation and reviewing.
  • Adoption of Syngrafias Cellular Mode in the toolchain of note-making and discussion during meets.

Really nice to have wishes

  • Contributors. (Loads of em)
  • Conversion of the entire front-end to React JS.
  • Graphical DIFF utility to denote documentation changes.
  • Delta-algorithm to avoid syncing the entire cell or page.
  • Responsiveness across variable widths and heights.
  • Function rewrite to improve code readability.

Area/community impacted

  • With the Unity Mode, the initiative makes an impact at mostly the documentation team.
  • With the Cellular Mode, the initiative aims to make an impact throughout the entire community by providing them a workspace to make synchronized notes and share them at will.

(of both Fedora and CentOS users as well as contributors)


Software dependencies

Skills needed

  • Understanding of how the current documentation workflow functions.
  • Understanding of the aforementioned software dependencies.


  • Preferably someone who can assist with deployment and assigning a subdomain.
  • Active contributors to help build/refine to attain the aforementioned features.

Works prior to this initiative

Not that I know of.


The sooner, the better.

Thank you @kevin for going ahead with this ticket.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this initiative proposal and I'd be happy to assist you.

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2 years ago

@t0xic0der This is a great initiative!! I would love to be part of this.

Hi @t0xic0der ,

Thank you so much for the very well written initiative request. Ive had an opportunity to review this request and should have a decision for you by the end of this week whether CPE will be able to accept and progress this request or not.
If we can, it will go into our quarterly planning choices where our teams stakeholders will rank work based on highest to lowest priority in a collective estimation. What quarterly planning round it goes into, ie if its for Q2 or Q3, is based on work that was prioritized from previous quarters that needs completion, and other initiatives we have that have a higher value gain.
If we do not accept this initiative to work on, I will let you know by Friday why we cant and if there are any other options you can consider for this project.

Thanks again for your submission and your patience, and I will let you know the decision to accept or not by Friday.

Kindest regards,

Thank you @amoloney for reaching out to this ticket. :smile:

Please feel free to ask any queries or concerns you might have regarding the proposal.

Hi @t0xic0der ,

Im so sorry Im 3 (business) days late on my reply, time got away from me :(

Some members of the CPE team reviewed your initiative proposal and unfortunately it is not something we can help you develop right now.

Our main focus is maintaining and improving current Fedora services and infrastructure and we are not in a position to host and develop new services in Fedora.
As this is our primary remit, and so being completely honest, your initiative would go into our backlog and could remain there for many many months with little to no movement on progressing it as there tends to always be other projects that take priority and our resources first that hit that criteria more.
It is a really cool project and I would hate to see it in a backlog limbo if we accept it right now.

I would suggest reaching out to OSPO to request hosting and resources to develop this service, and please do come back to us when its up and running so we can look at integration as we would love to help you integrate this service in Fedora once it has been developed!

Im going to mark this as closed but add it to my fedorapeople.org profile in an Unable to Accept folder in case we can ever revisit or its needed again.
FWIW the proposal is excellently written and the service you propose sounds great, I would definitely use it! But I cannot in good conscience accept a proposal that runs too high a risk of not being worked on for months and months into our backlog. It deserves to be developed, and I am truly sorry we cannot provide you the resources to do it at this time :(

Please do feel free to submit any other proposals you may have to us though! We are targeted towards improvements, maintenance and integrations of services in the current Fedora infrastructure so if you have something that fits that criteria, send it my way and we would be delighted to review your proposal with our stakeholders and team.

Have a lovely day and thank you again for engaging with us in this process and I hope to work with you in the future!


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2 years ago

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2 years ago

Hi @amoloney,

Thank you for reaching back to this ticket. Being a part of maintenance and development of a lot of currently available applications to support the Fedora community, I totally understand why a new project might be undesirable now for it would just stay at its current state without being developed or added to for a considerable amount of time. I am happy to know that you liked the project proposal and I have come to hear about OSPO too very recently but I believe that you could help further by telling me more about it and by directing me to the right channels of communication to get this started with.

I am grateful to know that you would want to scope this later and would definitely submit proposals whenever I come across an idea that can be of help to the Fedora infrastructure and is worth working for. Thanks again for your time for reading through the proposal and engaging into a discussion about it. :blush:

It was my pleasure to review your proposal and I sincerely do hope we can integrate this service in Fedora in the near future :)

I did a little digging and all I could find is this page on OSPO https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:OSPO

It redirects you to information about the FCAIC who coordinates projects on behalf of Fedora.

Hopefully this helps you connect with them and thank you again for your submission and engagement in this process too :)

Kindest regards,

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2 years ago

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