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New initiative: rpm autospec phase 2

What is this initiative about?

The goal of this change is to deploy in production the rpmautospec project.

With it, the content of the Release and %changelog fields in spec files can be auto-generated, either locally or in the builder using the information present in the git repo (in the form of git tags).

Note: This proposal is about changing the way the Release and %changelog sections of the spec files are filled, not about removing them from the SRPM or binary RPM.

Why this initiative?

Easier packaging in Fedora for the packagers who opt-in.

The Release and %changelog fields are the two most conflicting fields in RPM spec files. They impact most pull requests if they involve updating the package or if the package is updated/rebuilt while pull-request are being reviewed.

We currently have three different change logs per package and while they target different audiences (package maintainer: git, sysadmin: %changelog and end-user: bodhi notes) they overlap a lot and in most cases are redundant. With this proposal, package maintainers will only have to cope with two changelogs: git and bodhi notes.

Definition of success

  • Finish the work on the %autorel macro to support some of the use cases not implemented currently
  • Adjust the packaging so rpmautospec does not live in a specific, versionized python * environment (and thus could be use to bootstrap python)
  • Adjust rpmdev-bumpspec (used by releng for mass-rebuilds) so it ignores spec files using %autorel/%autochangelog
  • Adjust the mass-rebuild script so it only adds a suitable git commit log message for spec files using %autorel/%autochangelog
  • Adjust fedpkg to skip the NEVR check when using rpmautospec
  • Add dependency on rpmautospec on redhat-rpm-config

Area/community impacted

Fedora Packagers


Do this initiative have any dependencies?
Packager experience would be beneficial


Work to commence pending fesco ticket decision https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/2582

Issue tagged with: To be scoped

2 years ago

Pending the outcome of https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/2582 I would like to include this initiative in the CPE Q2 selection choices.
Should it be accepted, we would be able to progress this work in Q2 or possibly the following quarters, pending its priority ranking.

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- Issue untagged with: To be scoped
- Issue tagged with: Accepted, Ready for QP

a year ago

Metadata Update from @amoloney:
- Issue untagged with: Ready for QP
- Issue tagged with: 2021Q2

a year ago

This project has been prioritized as number 1 following the CPE quarterly planning call on Thursday 26th March 2021.
The CPE team will now staff this project and aim to complete this work within Q2 - April, May & June.

Thank you,
CPE Product Owner

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- Issue set to the milestone: RPMautospec Launch

a year ago

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