#5 Evaluate 45 drives storage for koji archival
Opened 3 years ago by kevin. Modified 3 years ago

We are (hopefully) getting a eval unit with lots of slowish storage in it to see if it will meet our needs for storing koji archives (ie, all non current release rpms and logs and artifacts).

This will take initial racking and setup and then making volumes and having koji move builds. Ideally we would keep the data also on the netapps for now until we are sure this is going to work for archives.

I'm happy to help with this as I am interested in releasing some NetApp storage to allow keeping logs from Koschei scratch builds longer than 7 days.

Keeping the same builds on both NetApp and the new volume would be more difficult than just moving them over - Koji already provides API to move builds (koji set-build-volume command), but copying builds would require new code development.

There was a delay because due to the shipping of the hard-drives. We have cleared this up and the system has been set up with RHEL-7 and 100TB over 15 drives on RAID-6 with an LVM partition on top. All that should need to be done is making volumes and adding appropriate exports .

Yeah, I am just waiting for freeze to be over to start in on this.

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