#30 Use Anitya to help Copr with automatic builds
Opened 3 years ago by zlopez. Modified 3 years ago

Copr team wants to use Anitya to help with automatic builds in Copr.

Anitya should check for any new versions on PyPi and RubyGems and sent notifications through fedora-messaging.

For this I plan to use libraries.io consumer.

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3 years ago

I identified two things that need to be solved before this will be considered done.
1. This PR needs to be merged - https://github.com/release-monitoring/anitya/pull/666 It adds ecosystem information to project.version.update fedmsg topic. The Copr team can use this to filter appropriate updates on their side.
2. I need to check why the fedmsg-hub is not deployed in openshift with @kevin. Image is built but pod is not deployed.

The PR was merged.

For the fedmsg-hub I need to do some changes in the ansible.

fedmsg-hub is running in staging. I need to find a way how to check if it is catching any message.

The fedmsg-hub in staging is working, but there is issue with topic prefix. The librariesio messages are using different topic prefix than anitya. So the container running the librariesio consumer can't emit any Anitya messages. This will be hopefully solved when Anitya will switch to fedora-messaging instead of fedmsg.

I was able to solve the issue with prefix and the anitya is now sending a fedmsg messages correctly. However I noticed, that there is no message from librariesio2fedmsg publisher, so I created a ticker for it - https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/7517

Otherwise the Anitya is ready to help COPR. :-)

I found out that the libraries.io consumer is only deployed on staging. So this functionality doesn't work on production. :-(
There are two things missing to make it work now:
1) Convert Anitya to Fedora-messaging (should be done)
2) Make libraries.io consumer part of Anitya - nobody listens to libraries.io consumer, because it wasn't working till I tried to use it by Anitya. If the libraries.io SSE consumer would be part of Anitya we don't need to worry about another component that isn't part of release-monitoring.org.

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