#3 openstack / RHEV / newcloud evaluation
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We have had problems getting openstack to deploy and play nice.

We need to evaluate if RHEV might be a good fit for this hardware or if we can figure out some way to get Openstack to deploy in a sane manner. Or any other setup that would meet the needs of newcloud.

  • Isolate projects/tenants on a network level.
  • Authenticate against id.fedoraproject.org
  • Allow us to grant some resouces to groups of fedora contributors
  • Allow us to run a 'development' openshift
  • Able to interface with copr/existing projects in our old cloud.

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please update this so we can track how we've done on our milestones/roadmap please.

We looked at options and decided that powering on to getting openstack working was the best one.

openstack has proved difficult and fragile, but we now have:

  • a undercloud we can (re)deploy from anisble in a few minutes.
  • configuration on the undercloud that does what we want.
  • 7 nodes in one dell fx and 3 nodes in another as compute nodes.
  • 1 nodes in dell fx that is a controller, and 2 others that are old cloud machines we moved over.
  • Overcloud templates and config that (mostly) does what we want.
  • 1 ppc64le node added in to do ppc64le compute.
  • an ansible playbook that configures networks, projects, quotas and such that is tested and works.

The items left to finish this are:

  • get deployment to work with ppc64le node (currently it causes deploy to fail. I have a email into the openstack alternative arch team to sort it out)
  • setup apache proxy on undercloud01 to handle ssl for the overcloud
  • setup federation so people in a allowed group can login to the overcloud dashboard and self service things.
  • test storage (elq02 should be enabled in the current deployment)
  • test external ips/networks.
  • plan migration
  • migrate all instances

Moving to Q4.

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3 years ago

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