#26 Prepare for Atomic Host Two Week release based on Fedora 29 stream
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Fedora Atomic Host follows Two Week release process. Currently, we are doing Two Week release based on Fedora 28 content. When Fedora 29 goes GA, we will also do AH Two Week release based on Fedora 29 stream and future Two Week releases will be based on F29. To switch from Fedora 28 to Fedora 29 stream, we make sure that everything is in place to do release on time.

Some items involve:
- Make changes to perform twoweek nightly composes which can be used for testing and later on for release.
- Test and make sure that AH artifacts produced above are working as expected on all supported arches.
- When F29 is declared GO, work with releng to have a twoweek nightly compose based on RC declared GO and use same compose for TwoWeek release.
- Update releng push-two-week script to perform release based on F29/
- Update Fedora website Atomic page which points to F29 TwoWeek artifacts link
- Get F29 AH Two Week release available

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