#16 Move s390x builders to kvm guests
Opened 3 years ago by kevin. Modified 3 years ago

Currently the Fedora s390x builders are all Z/vm virtuals running on a z13 mainframe.

We want to move them to be a very large kvm guest (like our other virthosts) and then buildvm's running nested kvm virt on that virthost. Apparently this setup could be a great deal more performant for us.

Need to setup a test kvm and make sure it all works, then work with mainframe admins to move all our resources to the new setup.

@mohanboddu @sharkcz wanted to follow the progress of this.

It's waiting on Fedora 29 release for now.

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3 years ago

As F-29 has been released, what will be the next steps?

We could reuse the zEC12 LPAR, that was used for the secondary s390 koji builders, for the testing.

Sent an email to our mainframe admin asking about next steps and CCed you on it.

I am not sure we can reuse the existing one for this, as we want a kvm host, not zvm and I don't know if its easy to change them.

Lets see what we hear back...

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