#1 Deploy and migrate to new sign-vaults
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The existing Fedora sign-vaults (03/04) are cisco devices that are nearing end of life, additionally, we want to update to the latest Fedora version.

New devices (sign-vault05, sign-vault06) are racked and installed.

Just need to configure them and then move the yubikey our fedora keys are bound to from 03 to 05 to get 05 working, then need to work with patrick to upgrade to sigul 1.0 on both of them.

This task is waiting until after Fedora 29 is out, there's too little time before final freeze and we don't want to impact the release, it can be done right after release.

This is now mostly done thanks to @puiterwijk

We didn't deploy 1.0 yet, but we can do that once it's ready. The sign-vault05/06 machines are running f29 and working fine to sign things.

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