#788 [backend] compress backend-live.log and make redirect to compressed file, Closes #86
Merged 7 months ago by praiskup. Opened 8 months ago by hojang.
copr/ hojang/copr log_compression  into  master

@@ -207,6 +207,7 @@ 




+                     mr.compress_live_log(job)

                      mr.check_build_success() # raises if build didn't succeed



@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ 

  import fcntl

  import logging

  import os

+ import subprocess


  from munch import Munch

  import time

@@ -273,6 +274,21 @@ 


              raise MockRemoteError("Builder error during job {}.".format(self.job))


+     def compress_live_log(self, job):

+         log_basename = "builder-live.log"

+         src = os.path.join(job.results_dir, log_basename)


+         self.log.info("Compressing {} by gzip".format(src))

+         if subprocess.call(["gzip", src]) not in [0, 2]:

+             self.log.error("Unable to compress file {}".format(src))

+             return


+         try:

+             with open(src, "w") as f_src:

+                 f_src.write("{} was moved to {}.gz\n".format(log_basename, log_basename))

+         except Exception as e:

+             self.log.exception(e)


      def reattach_to_pkg_build(self):


          :raises VmError, BuilderError

Because we want to use less space, we can compress backend-live.log after a build.

please wrap this into separate method, probably in MockRemote. I think that we should compress even failed logs, so perhaps move this before check_build_success()?

Also make sure that it never throws exceptions; we can afford failures here.

The files look like:


This will redirect always. We want to redirect only conditionally when the .log file does not exist.

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8 months ago

Typo, but I believe it is meant correctly: we want to redirect only if the .log.gz file exists.

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8 months ago

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8 months ago

I'd probably prefer simply calling subprocess.call(['gzip', 'file']). Or alternatively we should have catch-all exception handling here, because we don't want to fail the process for this low-prio thing.

Please avoid taking care of the configuration in this PR; it is pitty to keep it open when it is almost ready :-)

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7 months ago

Please call the gzip binary directly, by subprocess.call(['gzip', src]).

Nice, please add newline here. ("\n" missing)

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7 months ago

There's no exception here, so please use log.error.

two nits, but otherwise looks good to me ... I'll try to deploy this to staging

The dst variable is not defined, what about to just write:
"build finished, build-live.log was compressed and moved to build-live.log.gz"

the != 0 isn't needed here.
Well, subprocess.call returns int, not boolean.

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7 months ago

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7 months ago

looks good, gzip returns 2 when there's some warning

This produces:
/var/lib/copr/public_html/results/praiskup/ping/srpm-builds/00842157/builder-live.log was moved to /var/lib/copr/public_html/results/praiskup/ping/srpm-builds/00842157/builder-live.log.gz

I'd prefer just builder-live.log was moved to builder-live.log.gz variant.

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7 months ago

awesome! temporarily on staging: https://copr-fe-dev.cloud.fedoraproject.org/coprs/praiskup/ping/build/842178/

Please change the commit message so it doesn't mention the "redirect" part, it's not truth anymore; otherwise good.

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7 months ago

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