#2224 docs: slight simplification of the chroot EOL command
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@@ -99,8 +99,9 @@ 




-     copr-frontend alter-chroot --action eol fedora-31-x86_64 fedora-31-i386 \

-         fedora-31-ppc64le fedora-31-aarch64 fedora-31-armhfp fedora-31-s390x

+     fv=34

+     copr-frontend alter-chroot --action eol fedora-$fv-x86_64 fedora-$fv-i386 \

+         fedora-$fv-ppc64le fedora-$fv-aarch64 fedora-$fv-armhfp fedora-$fv-s390x


  After running such command, no data are going to be removed. All repositories for the chroot are preserved. It is just

  disabled and users can't build new packages in it anymore.

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