#2215 python: disable network on builders by default
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copr/ praiskup/copr disable-net-in-python-api  into  main

@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ 

          return munchify(response)


      def add(self, ownername, projectname, chroots, description=None, instructions=None, homepage=None,

-             contact=None, additional_repos=None, unlisted_on_hp=False, enable_net=True, persistent=False,

+             contact=None, additional_repos=None, unlisted_on_hp=False, enable_net=False, persistent=False,

              auto_prune=True, use_bootstrap_container=None, devel_mode=False,

              delete_after_days=None, multilib=False, module_hotfixes=False,

              bootstrap=None, bootstrap_image=None, isolation=None,

This is the safe default we should have since beginning, that's btw. why
web-UI (frontend side) and copr-cli has the default to False since ever.

Discussed with Packit folks, originally thought it is a Packit docs
issue, related links:

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