#2188 frontend: more understandable Pagure badges
Merged 3 months ago by praiskup. Opened 4 months ago by praiskup.
copr/ praiskup/copr pagure-batches  into  main

@@ -1100,8 +1100,12 @@ 

              'build', str(build.id)



+         username = "Copr build"

+         if build.package:

+             username += " - " + build.package.name


          data = {

-             'username': 'Copr build',

+             'username': username,

              'comment': '#{}'.format(build.id),

              'url': build_url,

              'status': state_table[build.state][0],

Put package name into the badge "title", so when multiple packages are
built in one PR it is clear what badge belongs to what package. This is
needed to recognize the latest badge for particular packages (others are
usually obsoleted).

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Very appreciated change, +1

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3 months ago

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