#2165 rpmbuild: don't fail a build because of fedora-review
Merged 4 months ago by praiskup. Opened 4 months ago by frostyx.
copr/ frostyx/copr fedora-review-fail  into  main

@@ -41,11 +41,14 @@ 

              "--mock-config", self.mock_config_file,



-         result = run_cmd(cmd, cwd=self.resultdir)

-         self.log.info(result.stdout)

-         if result.returncode:

-             self.log.warning("Fedora review failed\nerr:\n%s", result.stderr)

-         self._filter_results_directory()

+         try:

+             result = run_cmd(cmd, cwd=self.resultdir)

+             self.log.info(result.stdout)

+             self._filter_results_directory()

+         except RuntimeError as ex:

+             self.log.warning("Fedora review failed\nerr:\n%s", ex)

+             self.log.warning("The build itself will not be marked "

+                              "as failed because of this")


      def _filter_results_directory(self):


Fix #2040

We raise an exception in the run_cmd function if the program exit
code is not zero. Therefore the error handling within the
FedoraReview class didn't work. We need to catch the exception.

Build succeeded.

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4 months ago