#54 Pagination of packages/builds loads everything, and is slow
Closed: Fixed 8 months ago by praiskup. Opened 5 years ago by tvon.

When there are a large number of packages there are some usability issues with pagination. E.g.:


So far as I can tell there is pagination but it is entirely client side (!?). The entire table must be loaded before it is then paginated. In my case this will crash Firefox on OSX and kill Chrome for a bit before the pagination kicks in.

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The pagination has been enhanced recently, I believe the issues are over. Please reopen if you still experience issues.

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Ok, no. Such large pages are still slow.

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@praiskup do we know whether the page rendering chokes or whether the database query takes for ages?

This used to be a problem with rendering; the query was pretty optimized if I remember correctly (but I did not check the logs now).

FTR., I tested copr list-builds yesterday, and it took 63 minutes (but finished eventually).
copr list-packages did not work for me.

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