#534 Unify code for source (SRPM) methods
Opened 3 years ago by praiskup. Modified a year ago

  • some srpm methods are done in mock chroot, some are not
  • if mock is used, there are different mock configurations in custom method and make_srpm, I have a related bug report https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1676596 (custom method works, make_srpm not..)
  • only custom method is able to install additional build dependencies a "declarative" way
  • only custom method is not using root UID

My idea would be to implement all methods an uniform way; through one code -> so all methods use mock actually, and use the same mock chroot configuration.

IDEA, basically, all methods can be wrapped by custom script. Except that we would have to have "opt-in" root there. WDYT?

Another problem, e.g. make_srpm doesn't seem to provide live-logs ATM.

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3 years ago

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