#378 Invalid repo download link
Closed a year ago Opened a year ago by mizdebsk.

"Repo download" link in Fedora 28 chroot of clime/newproject on staging Copr in Fedora is invalid - it points to localhost.

The link is: https://localhost:10070/coprs/clime/new-project/repo/fedora-28/clime-new-project-fedora-28.repo

localhost:10070 is address of haproxy that handles load-balancing, configured in ansible repository. (git grep 10070 if you want to find the configuration for this.)

Metadata Update from @clime:
- Issue assigned to clime

a year ago

Fixed by @clime in Fedora staging deployment in ansible commit 9acabd9. There is nothing to fix in Copr code.

Metadata Update from @mizdebsk:
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

a year ago

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