#2185 Delete project after period of inactivity
Opened 3 months ago by lachmanfrantisek. Modified 3 months ago

Currently, there is an option to use delete_after_days option to create a temporary project but the project is deleted X days after the project creation (or the value is set).

Can we change the behaviour to deletion after X days of inactivity (=no build).

The benefits for Packit:

  • This is what users actually want for the project created for one pull request. The project can be opened for some time, but the build/log should be available for a short period after the push/build action is done, not after the pull request (~=project) is created. (So for the long-opened pull request the project will not be removed if there is an activity in the meantime.)
  • We can decrease the number of days for removal since we don't need to count the time people have the pull request opened. => More projects can be removed sooner.
  • Outside of Copr, it's hard to prolong the period or recreate the project since the removal date does not result in any action Packit can react on. (We would need to reset this on each build.)

I hope this can be beneficial for other users as well.

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3 months ago

Can we change the behaviour to deletion after X days of inactivity (=no build).

This, or we should have a new complementary option for prolonging.

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3 months ago

PR directories are created automatically for Pagure pull-requests, if configured
according to https://docs.pagure.org/copr.copr/user_documentation.html#pagure-integration

Aha, thanks. Sorry for the off-topic but can we use the side repositories from Packit (via API) as well?

This is being discussed in #2175 :-)

It might be possible for packit to reset the delete_after_days value to 30 whenever it submits a new build.

Indeed, we discussed this option - though it sounds as a convenient feature for
regular Copr users (not only Packit).

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