#1422 frontend: leftovers in /var/lib/copr/data/srpm_storage
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago by praiskup. Opened 4 years ago by praiskup.

We should fix the bug causing this, and maybe setup some
garbage collector.

Probably fixed here:

Once deployed in production, we should remove the leftovers and
for some time keep checking that the problem doesn't re-appear.

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3 years ago

Metadata Update from @praiskup:
- Issue assigned to praiskup

3 years ago

Still happening:

[root@copr-fe srpm_storage][PROD]# find /var/lib/copr/data/srpm_storage -type f -mtime -7 | wc -l

Well, most of the files are in a temporary directory that is no longer referenced
in any of the build in the database. The remaining referenced subset of files
is referenced from builds where the source build failed, e.g. 2123708,
1881047, 1850228 ...

I think that source rpm buidl failure is the trigger, and that people go and
remove those builds that fail ...

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