60a0c1c cli: Don't spam when downloading build

2 files Authored by Alois Mahdal a year ago , Committed by praiskup a year ago ,
    cli: Don't spam when downloading build
    copr-cli download build uses wget without any verbosity control, which
    generates roughly 10 lines per file.  --no-verbose should suppress most
    of the verbosity while still reporting basics and errors.
    For example, my simple build 1128860 of single noarch rpm on 7 chroots,
    it will generate 1834 lines.  (In my simple build pipeline, this means
    that the download just takes over the whole build log.)  I've tested the
    option (injecting wget wrapper in path) on Fedora 30 and in my case the
    number of lines went down from 1834 to 182.
    Merges: #1165
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