2cf5f03 backend: refactor action handlers to their separate classes

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    backend: refactor action handlers to their separate classes
    The current implementation is too clumsy and IMHO stops being good
    enough. We have one gigantic class `Action` which does everything.
    It implements methods to handle every possible type of an action.
    Then `run()` method parses action data, determine what type
    of action it is and call an appropriate handler method.
    This doesn't make much sense in the first place. We should have
    specific classes for each and every type of an action. This way
    we will have those classes responsible for only one thing and
    the chance that they will affect each other is lower.
    Moreover, the current solution doesn't allow to easily define
    action type scpecific properties, such as its priority. Therefore,
    I decided to refactor our current implementation.
    While I was at it, I refactored the `result` behavior. There was
        TODO: we don't need Munch() here, drop it
        result = Munch()
    which is true. We created `result` munch only to store basically
    just one value - the integer value of the actual result (and id,
    which was useless). Then we would pass it to each hander method
    just so it can update its value. That's so C++.
    I threw away the whole "result" concept. Actions don't take `result`
    as their parameter anymore and simply return the result value. Not
    a munch, but the actual integer result value that we are interested
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