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A lightweight silverblue desktop
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CopperBlue - A lightweight silverblue desktop

CopperBlue aims at providing an efficient container based desktop for powerusers without the bells and whisle of gnome/flatpak.


From a Silverblue system, install Copperblue by running:

# Create a new ostree repo:
sudo ostree init --repo=/ostree/copperblue

# Compose the copperblue tree:
pushd system
git submodule update --init
sudo rpm-ostree compose tree -r /ostree/copperblue --workdir /ostree/copperblue/tmp copperblue.yaml

# Copy the tree in system ostree repo:
sudo ostree pull-local /ostree/copperblue fedora/rawhide/x86_64/copperblue

# Install the tree:
sudo ostree admin deploy fedora/rawhide/x86_64/copperblue


From a Fedora based system, use the applications by simply running the run script:

./ mumble

Which is equivalent to:

buildah bud -f Buildahfile -t mumble:latest mumble

Update the application by running:

date=$(date "+%Y-%m-%d")

# Update the image
buildah from $app:latest
buildah run $app-working-container dnf update -y
buildah commit $app-working-container $app:$date
./$app/ $date

# If the update worked
buildah tag $app:$date $app:latest
# Else
buildah rmi $app:$date