Shows helper messages at or before login using motd, issue, and profile.

Useful in situations where a desktop environment is not available and information is communicated through the terminal.

Messages shown

The following messages will show before or upon login after installing console-login-helper-messages and enabling the needed units (see manual).

  • [x] available ssh keys from /etc/ssh
  • [x] ip addresses of network interfaces to SSH into
  • [x] system information from /etc/os-release
  • [x] failed systemd units


Before login (serial console):

SSH host key: SHA256:yP+/44/bfuj6UKHdUwAVURsO3y6haKLKfSFNcnmn7bY (ECDSA)
SSH host key: SHA256:gGDZ/JQzwL76UpT29dyZ/M6Zua7QvGyegP8aTLc/D+Y (DSA)
SSH host key: SHA256:nQEysCYP3hZgkus2+e28KQGrs0pRI2NOgJGQ6L8PnyU (RSA)
SSH host key: SHA256:A3c6toZ3/eTMKNDmyyG9CYUSWsdSunmTeOC68iuDfAg (ED25519)
eth0: fe80::5054:ff:fe85:43a6

At login:

Fedora (29 (Cloud Edition))
Failed Units: 1


The motd/issue messages are defaults and can be disabled following the manual.

Messages can be appended to the motd or issue, by placing files in the directories sourced by motdgen/issuegen to generate the message (see manual).

Package Reviewers

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