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Python 3 (3.8 in particular) compatibility improving release • 2 years ago
- enhancements: . knowledge about mapping various platforms to particular cluster component sets got updated so as to target these more reliably -- note however that current capacity for package maintenance does not allow for adding support for new evolutions of such components, even when they are nominally recognized like that (mostly a concern regarding corosync3/kronosnet, and new and backward incompatible changes in pcs) . specfile received more care regarding using precisely qualified Python interpreters and process of Python byte-compilation was taken fully under the explicit control of where familiarity for that is established - internal enhancements: . previously introduced text/data separation to align with Python 3 regression in the test suite was rectified . mutliple newly identified issues with Python 3.8 were fixed (deprecated and dropped standard library objects swapped for the straightforward replacements, newly imposed metaclass and relative module import related constraints were reflected) . (automatically reported) resource (open file descriptor) leak was resolved
bug fix and slight fine-tuning release • 4 years ago
- bug fixes: . runnning [cp]cs2pccmd commands in the absence of "defaults" submodule (repository checkout, broken installation) no longer fails . corosync configuration parser, employed e.g. with pcs2pcscmd-needle command, no longer mistreats commented-out lines with spaces or tabs in front of the respective delimiter . some options that were mechanically introduced recently for the purpose of converting existing configuration into the procedural steps leading there with the help pcs tool (i.e. {cib,pcs}2pcscmd belong to affected commands) turned to be not actually suppported by current pcs versions under closer examination, specifically "" setting in corosync.conf (added into embedded corosync configuration schema, regardless, in accord with having this value legalized in corosync proper, just as with "resources.watchdog_device"), and "quorum.device.votes" with "" herein as well [resolves/related: rhbz#1517834] [resolves: rhbz#1552666] - feature extensions: . beyond, Linux top-level system selection (via --sys) of the target the command output is to be taylored to (standing for a whole bunch of parameters that would be too unwieldy to work with individually), there's now also (rather preliminary) support for BSD family, currently comprising only FreeBSD, for a simple fact that some cluster packages are downstreamed there the usual way - internal enhancements: . handling of ambiguous specification of the target distribution plus its version has been improved, also for the input values coming from run-time auto-detection, leading to more widely normalized values internally, hence bringing more reliable outputs (now also with Fedora Rawhide, for instance)
bug fix and extension release (qdevice heuristics, bundle meta attrs) • 4 years ago
- bug fixes: . practically every built-in command accepts "magic files" in place of regular file specifications as arguments (also advertised at the bottom of "clufter COMMAND -h"), but when it denotes the input and happens to be resolved as standard input, a problem would previously arise under Python 3, because this stream is implicitly switched in text mode, whereas the data to be fetched are expected to be raw bytes by the established framework (not enforced in Py2) . pcs2pcscmd-needle command would previously lead to an incorrect "pcs cluster setup" command in the resulting sequence when the "cluster_name" parameter in the "totem" section of the input corosync configuration was not (very legitimately) specified, because the name of the first given node (if present) would be mistakenly used where the cluster name specification was expected as it was effectively skipped in the respective syntax; now an artificial name is supplied instead if need be (currently, pcs cannot create nameless clusters like that) . all commands having sequence of pcs commands on the output, hence getting post-processed (line-wrapped and generally prettified) with the aim to get them human-friendly, might previously suffer from some characters with special meaning in shell language not being quoted (nor escaped for that matter) properly (despite they might have been prior to this post-process), leading to various, possibly subtle misbehaviours when executed (for instance part of the intended standalone command being run in the backgrounded subshell while the rest getting interpreted as as a whole new, likely not fulfillable, command, if the particular unquoted chunk in the case at hand contained '&' character); trivial instances of this discrepancy should no longer occur, and for extra confidence (or as a workaround with older versions), one can always use "--noop=cmd-wrap" to suppress (tiny bit erratic) post-processing (thanks to Madkiss, seconded by lge at #clusterlabs) - feature extensions: . {ccs,cib,pcs}2pcscmd* commands now make use of "--encryption 0|1" switch finally added to "pcs cluster setup" command, incl. dealing with a hiccup of introducing that support unconditionally (0.9.158), only to return back to original default of no encryption, but with a possibility to enable it (0.9.159 and counting), depending on the pcs versions of the target distribution . pcs2pcscmd-needle command is now aware of configured heuristics for a quorum device in corosync.conf-equivalent files and able to emit respective configuration commands sing pcs tool, provided that the target versions of relevant packages already support that . {cib,pcs}2pcscmd* commands are now aware of configured meta attributes for top-level "bundle" encapsulations in CIB and able to emit respective configuration commands using pcs tool, provided that the target versions of relevant packages already support that - internal enhancements: . as pacemaker crossed the bridge and CIB schema versioning is no longer compatible with string- and float-based comparisons, some adaptation was required both code and release automation wise, along with the update of higher-bound (merged-form) schema for CIB up to this 2.10 version, which actually initiated those changes []
bug fix and enhancements (support for pcs commands defining bundles) • 5 years ago
- bug fixes: . some messages emitted in conversion corner cases are meant to terminate the whole process, which previously may have not been the case - feature extensions: . {cib,pcs}2pcscmd* commands are now aware of configured bundle definitions in CIB and able to emit respective configuration commands using pcs tool, provided that the target versions of relevant packages already support that - internal enhancements: . the logic behind reusing pacemaker's own schemas is now available as a proper script that now also -- rationally -- only extracts the lowest and highest available minor version per a major one of the CIB schema files, which further corresponds to what is now statically carried with the project distribution and, foremost, what decreases the number of the worst-case validations . some warnings possibly emitted during the conversions now share a uniform style
enhancement and Python 3 compatibility improving release • 5 years ago
- enhancements: . when using *2pcscmd commands, one can now specify --set-exec option to make executable; note this is explicitly discouraged as one should always take precautions prior to running anything executable from a semirandom source and this would only make it easier to skip that step and accidentally run the generated script right away . with {cib,pcs}2pcscmd commands, the generated sequence is now adapted to whether pcs is able to natively cope with "external/*" specification of stonith resources where applicable . borrowing directly from pacemaker project, the upgrade between 1.x and 2.x lines of the schema for a CIB instance is now available as fmt-cib-1to2 filter, arranged to be implicitly triggered so as to bridge supplied vs. required format discrepancies (see first internal enhancement point below) - feature extensions: . {cib,pcs}2pcscmd* commands are now aware of configured ACL definitions in CIB and able to emit respective configuration commands using pcs tool; thanks to implicit format upgrade arrangement with fmt-cib-1to2 filter (see above), it can cope with "old ACL style" of configuration at the input as well [resolves: rhbz#1440876] . likewise {cib,pcs}2pcscmd* commands now instruct sufficiently recent target pcs to perform push of the CIB changes (accumulated throughout the generated script) as a differential update rather than propagating a complete CIB copy, which remains the default otherwise (both unless push-by-push is applied, despite warnings) - internal enhancements: . format hierarchies were noticeably rethought with a notion of upgradeability in mind -- something natural for the versioned, compatibility-sensitive formats such as CIB, the prime target (see also the mentioned upgrade filter); with a proper arrangement these upgrades are performed implicitly on the format instances being exchanged between the filters, should the target filter impose that on validation failure basis . Python 3 compatibility received further polishing . meta specfile holding the suggested RPM packaging moved "nano" fallback editor dependency over to -cli package, resulting in a bit more lightweight pcs installation, as that itself depends just on python*-clufter [resolves: PGissue#1]
bug fix, enhancement and, foremostly, Python 3 compatibility release • 5 years ago
- bug fixes: . since v0.59.7, {ccs,pcs}2pcscmd commands were meant to emit hashbangs so as to make it clear which shell (e.g. bash if its extensions are relied upon) the suggested scripts should be run under, but alas, exclamation mark has been accidentally missing [related rhbz#1381531] . invocations like "clufter ccs2pcscmd | bash -x", despite being discouraged (review is needed for any nontrivial case, anyway), if "pcs cluster auth" part interactively prompting credentials was part of the run, they would be obtained from the piped script under interpreter's execution itself due to the way the descriptors are inherited; now there is an explicit stdin/stdout redirect against /dev/tty in place to prevent such undesired side-effect - functional changes: . owing to the internal overhaul, *2pcscmd commands now properly adapt to whether the output is directed to a terminal or not (including piping to another command) with regards to colorizing and text-wrapping for reasonable line lengths unless overridden with explicit switches . commands dealing with XML format (at some internal, not necessarily user-facing phase; covers all *2pcs* ones) are now proofed so as to preserve XML attribute ordering, leading to consistent results (desired way beyond internal test suite) . better diagnostics are now provided for some previously neglected error conditions - feature highlight: Python 3 support (-> minor version bump so high) . beside Python 2.6, clufter project now strives to support 3.2+ as well; brand new compatibility with the latter was casually and unit tested (the suite was also adapted to support both), but some corner cases may have not been hit yet, hence this class of bug reports is especially appreciated . for the clufter as a library users: under Python 3, "bytestring" protocol now, due to a strict dichotomy, indeed means "passed as bytes (or compatible) type" (if the contrary is observed, it is a bug to be fixed) . *2pcscmd commands now state also the Python interpreter in the initial informative comment block to ease the troubleshooting in the light of newly introduced dual Python 2/3 support . so-called external plugins are now implicitly searched also in additional, Python interpreter agnostic path intended primarily for plugins maintaining dual Python 2/3 compatibility (in the same vein as core clufter as of this release) . meta-spec prescribing a suggested RPM packaging in a generic way now encompasses the above point as well as it offers python3-clufter subpackage, and in turn factors some shared files to other new subpackages (clufter-bin, clufter-common)
bug fix release (related to ccs_flatten helper) • 5 years ago
- bug fixes: . some configuration flags (sort of meta attributes) of how to treat services or particular resources by rgmanager were previously dropped upon initial resource tree flattening phase (via ccs_flatten binary) whereas now, some are selectively restored on the output; in particular, omitting __failure_expire_time/__max_failures was a downright a bug as they were expected by the filters (ccsflat2cibprelude) further in the chain, the others are restored for possible future use: __enforce_timeouts and __restart_expire_time/__max_restarts . ccs_flatten binary received an update of function responsible for parsing time-related inputs so as to harden against values encoded as unexpectedly long strings or similar exotic cases [related rgmanager's bugs: rhbz#1036652, rhbz#1414139] - internal enhancements: . ccs_flatten binary sources and snippets of related filters received some more maintenance care
bug fix release (bash completion + shebangs, regard resource-agents version) • 5 years ago
- bug fixes: . output of {ccs,pcs}2pcscmd commands could previously confuse users as to which shell interpreter the generated script is suitable for, especially when passing --noguidance (or --dry-run) as it would generate process substitution, which is a construct beyond POSIX, so now the expected (build-time configurable) shell selection (POSIX or bash-like) is emitted as a standard shebang ("#!" line) [rhbz#1381531] . bash completion would previously expose unexpected error when triggering the completion once '=' in a standard "-[-]option=value" syntax has been typed, whereas now this is fixed and suitable options offer also the switches with a trailing '=' for convenience [rhbz#1381565] - functional changes: . with ccs2pcs* conversions, also the version of resource-agents package is now considered, currently with an impact on conversions of named rgmanager's resource agent targeting the version that has not received the native counterpart yet - internal enhancements: . caching of the internal desparsified facts was fixed (broken from beginning, but became exposed only after a new style of access had been exercised)
bug fix release sanitizing lvm RA conversion + pcs alert commands • 5 years ago
- bug fixes: . ccs2pcs* commands would previously choke when converting configuration of lvm resource agent from rgmanager's suite into ocf:heartbeat:LVM counterpart anytime lv_name parameter was specified -- it turns out this behavior, based on incorrect assumptions (, was an unfounded show-stopper (lv_name is commonly specified even if superfluously) so now only misguided configurations using different LVs (values of lv_name) pertaining given VG (vg_name) are rejected . *2pcscmd* commands, particularly and only with pcs commands configuring alert listeners, would previously disregard "accumulate CIB changes, then push" implicit behavior, shooting the changes at live cluster stack right away, and moreover the respective syntax did not reflect a slightadjustment it received during the final (though a bit belated) fine-tuning [resolves: rhbz#1381522]
bug fix release straightening cmd-wrap filter/command format up • 5 years ago
- feature extensions: . when *2pcscmd or cmd-wrap commands colorize the output, "meta" words for the shell are distinguished as well (related to the first bug that this very handling also helped in nailing down) - bug fixes: . {ccs,pcs}2pcscmd* commands would previously emit an incorrectly quoted command (in the self-check the following sequence of commands is indeed being run on the to-be-clustered machine) unless -g or --noguidance option was used; in turn the respective internals received a considerable overhaul to be able to cope with nested commands (command/process substitution) better; for users of previous releases, the remedy is to use this -g switch or to pass --noop=cmd-wrap to suppress the faulty filter from the pipeline (at the expense of not-so-easy-to-consume output) . *2pcscmd* commands would previously omit colorizing some parts of pcs syntax, contrary to the predestined expectations; e.g.: pcs -f tmp-cib.xml constraint colocation SERVICE-foo rule ... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
bug fix release straightening recent changes up • 5 years ago
- feature extensions: . when *2pcscmd commands colorize the output, upcoming booth-related pcs commands are considered as well - bug fixes: . {ccs,pcs}2pcscmd* would previously exceed a recursion limit due to not catching the bottom of the recursion properly . with *2pcscmd* commands, --dump=cmd-annotate switch would previously cause troubles as newly introduced Nothing format lacked "hash" property (which is used to construct reasonably unique file name to store the intermediate result at individual phases of the filter-piping process)
release enriching "pcs commands" output with colors at terminal output • 5 years ago
- feature extensions: . *2pcscmd commands will now colorize the output (very plain support, more to be expected) if either a terminal is used as a sink (and colors not explicitly forbidden) or if this is enforced; so far only shell comments and some parts of pcs syntax are supported, but even in this form, it should help users to wrap their heads (eyes) around what can be considered quite a complex output from the first sight
release enriching "pcs commands" output with some context of use • 5 years ago
- feature extensions: . *2pcscmd commands now first emit a comment block containing key pieces of information about the run, such as a current date, library version, the overall command that was executed, and importantly (more and more), the target system specification (this utilizes a new, dedicated cmd-annotate filter) - internal enhancements: . so far, all formats used to represent concrete information representable in various pertaining forms; generator type of filters (such as mentioned cmd-annotate) imposed the existence of a special "empty" format (analogous to "void" in C) for generators to map from into something useful, so this release introduces "Nothing" format and makes sure it's generally usable throughout the internals just as well
- mostly a maintenance release with a small new feature and some fixes • 5 years ago
- bug fixes: . internal: facts.infer_dist('*') results would previously diverge from results for a specific query . X.04 Ubuntu's versioning fanciness is now ditched in favor of canonical (sic) X.4 versioning; this was not a buggy behavior per se, but internally, 04 used to be parsed as octal literal which would go bananas with expressions like '08'; to maintain compatibility, respective string-held X.04 aliases were introduced, though - feature extensions: . there is now --list-dists option to clufter that is intended mainly to suggest as to which --dist option values (note this has an increased importance, at least as of the previous release) are supporte - internal enhancements: . at various places, in-XSLT branching was turned into external decisions about the parameters to feed XSLT processing proper
reflecting alerts, fixing qdevice support, distro-driven customizations • 5 years ago
Changelog highlights: - this is a feature extension and bug fix release - bug fixes: . previously, pcs2pcscmd* commands would attempt to have quorum device configured using "pcs quorum add" whereas the correct syntax is "pcs quorum device add" . with {cib,pcs}2pcscmd* commands, clufter no longer chokes on validation failures (unless --nocheck provided) due to source CIB file using newer "validate-with" validation version specification than supported so far, such as with pacemaker-2.5 introducing the alert handlers stanza in CIB, because the support has been extended up that very version (only affects deployments that do not borrow the schemas from the installed pacemaker on-the-fly during a build stage, which is not the case when building RPMs using the upstream specfile) - feature extensions: . {cib,pcs}2pcscmd* commands are now aware of configured alert handlers in CIB and able to emit respective configuration commands using pcs tool - functional changes: . due to too many moving targets (corosync, pacemaker, pcs) with features being gradually added, clufter as of this release relies on the specified distribution target (which basically boils down to snapshot of the supported features, as opposed to passing zillion extra parameters expressing the same) stronger than ever; this has several implications: do not expect that one sequence of pcs commands at the clufter's output is portable to completely different environment, and your distribution/setup may not be supported (I try to cover Fedora, RHEL+derivates, Debian and Ubuntu directly) in which case (where everything is tracked) needs to be patched
reflecting qdevice and its configuration, maintenance • 5 years ago
Changelog highlights: - this is a feature extension and possibly a bug fix release - bug fixes: . the upstream-suggested (meta) specfile and its form of advising how to run Python intepreter (added with previous release) turned to cause issues if setuptools are not recent enough, so double-check that no extra double-quoting is injected in any case [] . some internal-only negligence was fixed to match the design intentions (may affect too relaxed 3rd party plugins) - feature extensions: . pcs2pcscmd* commands are now aware of quorum device configured in corosync.conf and are able to emit respective configuration commands using pcs tool
- this is a feature extension and bug fix release - bug fixes: . with *2pcscmd* commands, clufter would previously emit doubled "pcs" at the beginning for the command defining simple order constraint . with *2pcscmd* commands, clufter would previously omit and/or logic operators between each pair of atomic expressions forming a rule for location constraint . with *2pcscmd* commands, clufter would previously disregard master/slave roles correctly encoded with a capitalized first letter in CIB for colocation and location constraints - feature extensions: . with *2pcscmd* commands, clufter now supports resource sets for colocation and order constraints . with *2pcscmd* commands, clufter now supports ticket contraints (incl. resource sets)
bug fix: avoid "pcs cluster cib <file> --config" in pcscmd output • 6 years ago
Changelog highlights: - this is a bug fix release - bug fixes: . with *2pcscmd* commands, clufter no longer suggests "pcs cluster cib <file> --config" that doesn't currently work for subsequent local-modification pcs commands (which is the purpose together with sequence-crowning cib-push in this context), so rather use mere "pcs cluster cib <file>" validation failures (unless --nocheck provided) due to source CIB file using newer "validate-with" validation version specification than the only supported so far (pacemaker-1.2.rng) or possibly using a syntax not compatible with that; now also 2.0, 2.3 and 2.4 versions are supported, and the specfile is ready to borrow the schemas from the installed pacemaker on-the-fly during a build stage [resolves: rhbz#1328078] . with [cp]cs2pcscmd commands, clufter no longer suggests "pcs cluster start --all --wait=-1" as part of the emitted command sequence (last option decides, through a failure, whether pcs accepts a numeric argument there, which would then make the rest of sequence use this recent, more elegant provision of pcs instead of "sleep") without suppressing both standard and error outputs so as to prevent unnecessary clutter with newer, compatible versions of pcs
bug fix: "status" CIB section optional, better "command" handling • 6 years ago
Changelog highlights: - this is a bug fix release with one minor enhancement - bug fixes: . with {cib,pcs}2pcscmd* commands, clufter no longer chokes on validation failures (unless --nocheck provided) due to source CIB not containing "status" section (which is normally the case with implicit input located in /var/lib/pacemaker/cib/cib.xml); now the bundled, compacted schemas mark this section optional and also the recipe to distill such format from pacemaker native schemas ensures the same assumption holds even if not pre-existed [resolves: rhbz#1269964, comment 9] [see also:] . internal representations of command + options/arguments was fixed in several ways so as to provide correct outcomes in both general (previously, some options could be duplicated while overwriting other options/arguments, and standalone negative numbers were considered options) and pcs (--wait=X cannot be decoupled the same way option parsers can usually cope with, as pcs built-in parser treats this specifically) cases - enhancements: . [cp]cs2pcscmd* commands now supports "--wait" parameter to pcs command for starting the cluster and prefers it to static "sleep" when possible (pcs version recent enough) [see also: rhbz#1229822]
bug fix: validate using set of newest CIB schemas • 6 years ago
Changelog highlights: - this is a bug fix release - bug fixes: . with {cib,pcs}2pcscmd* commands, clufter no longer chokes on validation failures (unless --nocheck provided) due to source CIB file using newer "validate-with" validation version specification than the only supported so far (pacemaker-1.2.rng) or possibly using a syntax not compatible with that; now also 2.0, 2.3 and 2.4 versions are supported, and the specfile is ready to borrow the schemas from the installed pacemaker on-the-fly during a build stage [resolves: rhbz#1300014]
bug fixes, more conversion corner cases and general sanity • 6 years ago
Changelog highlights: - this is a release delivering both bug fixes and enhancements - bug fixes: . "assisted recovery" now works on systems without /dev/tty as well as on systems for which open-modify[open+close] (final close yet to come) of particular file won't reliably discover mtime change; now strict open-close-modify is used instead (and mtime check in a was-file-changed test is preceded with a file size comparison for good measure), making intermittent failures in test runs disappear . clufter is now capable of handling command options as unicode (relates to the usage as a library, original discovery thanks to pcs) and "the magic interpolation" of the command inputs now works at places where it was supposed to but unfortunately did not . ccs2pcs* commands no longer generate accidentally broken values of attributes marked as having an ID type in the schema [resolves: rhbz#1300050] . ccs2pcs* commands now translate notion of recovery/relocate recover policy of the resource group as supported by RGManager into the parallel expression in Pacemaker universe; the same applies to __independent_subtree=2 at the resource level and empty restricted failover domain (that is referred to from existing resource group) . ccs2pcs* commands now propagate stop timeout of the vm original resource agent . *2pcscmd* commands now support group meta attributes properly . *2pcscmd* commands no longer emit bogus properties of the operations (id, name, interval) as these are position-fixed values in the respective pcs syntax, hence not requiring explicit key=value treatment - new behaviour and features: . help screens and man pages now specify where to report bugs (configurable at build time) . help screens and man pages for *2pcscmd* commands now warn againts using --tmp-cib '' (empty string) as it means resorting to shot-by-shot semantics, as opposed to accumulate-and-push (desirable), and this can lead to unexpected inconsistencies - miscellaneous . run-tests helper script now offers better supports for nosetests as an alternative to unittest(2) - and a bunch of minor fixes, sanitizations, etc. as usual
bug fixes, cib-revitalize and cmd-wrap commands, more user friendliness • 6 years ago
Changelog highlights: - this is a release delivering both bug fixes and enhacements - bug fixes: . ccs2pcs* conversion now properly propagates or adds monitor action [resolves: rhbz#1272570] . ccs2pcs* conversion now (suitably) aborts when it reaches exclusive resource group [related: rhbz#1206640 (rhbz#1272191)] . ccs2pcs* conversion now does not take undeployed (contained in <resources> and not referenced elsewhere) into account and is more careful about carrying about parent service group auxiliary reference for further processing [related/resolves: rhbz#1272592] . *2pcscmd* conversion now handles clone/master resources; likewise, node properties, utilization (per node or resource) and {op,rsc}_defaults are now covered when converting CIB content into sequence of pcs commands [resolves/related: rhbz#1270740] . pcs2pcscmd{,-needle} now propagates cluster name correctly, previously it was mistakenly dropped resulting in confusing first cluster node for that (e.g., pcs cluster setup --start --name node1 node2 node3) . ccs2pcs* conversion now propagates two_node (and internally also expected_votes) properties of cman as defined in cluster.conf correctly . help screens/manual pages for *2pcs* commands now documents "cib" arguments correctly . pcs2pcscmd* conversion now correctly includes cmd-wrap filter resulting in the output line-wrapped per expectation - new behaviour and features: . as pcs currently does not support templates [rhbz#1281359], a new filter, cib-meld, is included in *2pcscmd conversion and its purpose is to mimic Pacemaker internal desugaring where suitable . cmd-wrap and (new) cib-revitalize (translating deprecated cluster properties into preferred notation for now) filters are directly exposed as commands with an assumption they are useful on their own . ccs2pcs* conversion is now more careful when translating corosync logging subsystems (e.g., CONFDB -> CMAP) . commands based on filters utilizing XSLT now offer --profile expert option yielding an insight into which templates were triggered during the conversion together with some profiling data (one file per each such filter executed) . internal distro - package/command mapping was updated - more user friendliness . (suppresible) progress info/notes/warnings output was further unified and color is used more widely to distinguish semantic meaning if possible . user-assisted validation failure recovery was made preoccupied users friendly (bail out when the launched editor is closed without a change two times in row) as opposed to neverending loop preventing possibly baffled user to leave gracefully; also one more hint is given in the help section of the edited document facilitating the recovery . specfile-generated man pages add suitable SEE ALSO items - and plenty of minor fixes, sanitizations, etc. as usual
more sane batch processing in *2pcscmd commands • 6 years ago
ccsflat2cibprelude/needlexml2pcscmd enhancements/fixes, convert also SAP{Database,Instance} • 6 years ago
fixes and enhancements for cib2pcscmd and cibprelude2cibcompact filters • 6 years ago
fix pcs2pcscmd-needle command, track "minimal format instances" • 6 years ago
{ccs,cib,pcs}2pcscmd-needle commands, commands line-wrapping and more • 7 years ago
ccs2pcscmd-flatiron tweaks, ccs-disable-rg command, direct command symlinks support • 7 years ago
ccs2pcscmd_flatiron: bug fixes and enhancements for versatility • 7 years ago
Fix mysql HB agent vs. quotes, new constraints -> PCS commands support • 7 years ago
{ccs,pcs}2pcscmd-flatiron commands, various fixes + polishing • 7 years ago
fixes and tweaks (ccsflat2cibprelude filter, ccs_flatten, PEP 394) • 7 years ago
ccs_flatten-related fixes, improvements to conversion of RAs and packaging • 7 years ago
fix bugs around "script" RA ccs2pcs conversion • 7 years ago
packaging enhancements (vol.3), plenty of minor fixes + ccs2pcs/bind-mount RA • 7 years ago
packaging enhancements (vol.2) • 7 years ago
packaging enhancements, manpage for CLI frontend • 7 years ago
maintenance, RPM and Python packaging (vol.2) • 7 years ago
maintenance, RPM and Python packaging • 7 years ago
extended plumbing for ext. plugins, minor tweaks • 7 years ago
sanitizations and colorized output • 7 years ago
maintenance, mostly Python packaging (vol.4) • 7 years ago
maintenance, mostly Python packaging (vol.3, fix vol.2) • 7 years ago
maintenance, mostly Python packaging (vol.2) • 7 years ago
maintenance, mostly Python packaging • 7 years ago
sanitizations and new filter ccs-propagate-cman • 7 years ago
support for external plugins, various sanitizations • 7 years ago
new formats/command, sanitizations • 7 years ago
important ccs2pcs update, --dump option • 7 years ago
Output filename based on input, ccs_artefacts command • 7 years ago
Better distro -> cluster system mapping, comprehensive test added • 7 years ago
ccs_flatten invocation + relative imports from plugins fixes, RCM/devel enhancements • 7 years ago
Something with working travis CI and with sharp RCM edges smoothed • 7 years ago