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Crypto in, power out

Cipo makes it easy to let users pay for electricity for their camper-van, electric cars, boat, caravan and other high load cases.

Cipo currently supports the Shelly Pro 4PM relay and probably other Shelly relays supporting the same API.

Monero is the only platform for payment at the moment, other crypto currencies might be supported in the future.

The only user interface for end users are a QR-code per socket/outlet. This makes it possible to pay with the wallet they already have, but makes it hard to provide feedback to the end user. In the future it might be possible to add a screen or provide a QR-code with a webpage for status and notifications.


The devices and price per watt hour is declared in the config file config.toml. You need to restart the program for it to read in changes.

As long as Cipo is versioned as 0.X, then the config format can change without an upgrade path.

Example file

xmr-per-kwh = 0.00129556

host = 'localhost'
port = 18083

location = 'Camping#1'
host = ''
switch = 3
monero = '46vp22XJf4CWcAdhXrWTW3AbgWbjairqd2pHE3Z5tMzrfq8szv1Dt7g1Pw7qj4gE87gJDJopNno6tDRcGDn8zUNg72h7eQt'

location = 'Camping#2'
host = ''
switch = 2
monero = '84aGHMyaHbRg1rcZ9mCByuEMkAMorEqe4UCK3GFgcgTkHxQ1kJEJq6pBbHgdX1wRsRhJaZ2vbrxdoFTR7JNw7m7kMj6C1sm'

How to calculate the exchange rate?

This program does not support downloading the price of Monero nor the cost of electricity.

It is recommended to calculate a new price when the price of Monero or electricity changes enough.

For Norway this could be done like this:

  • 1 XMR = 230 USD
  • 1 USD = 8,83 NOK
  • 1 kWh = 1000 Wh = 2.63 NOK

TODO: Make formula

When is the exchange rate calculated?

For long term usage, the rate is calculated/bought at the time of payment.

When the program receive the payment it will register that the txid have been credited amount of Wh.

If you change the rate after the payment have been accepted by the program, then the program will use the old change rate.

State dir

As long as Cipo is versioned as 0.X, then the state format can change without an upgrade path.

The changes are written to files append-only log-file style, each transaction have their own file.

These files can be used for debugging and are used by the program on startup.

Folder structure


File/log structure

<timestamp> <remaining-watt-hours>


2022-04-18T18:23:15Z +3.04
2022-04-18T18:23:25Z +0.31
2022-04-18T18:23:35Z -0.04


This project is MIT licensed. For the full license, see LICENSE.