cheapwritingservice Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Yale, MIT are universities that are represented by the average entrant in a different reality: green lawns, wise professors, old libraries and neat campuses. They found out how much it costs to study, what the admission procedure looks like and what the requirements are for incoming top universities in the world. The new issue includes Harvard. Harvard is the oldest university in the United States, founded in 1636. He is studying at Harvard College.

Each candidate for Harvard College is reviewed independently by two admissions officers. You can't go to Harvard with a college degree. Foreign students enter the university on the same grounds as U.S. citizens. Harvard adheres to the Liberal Arts position that the education on the bachelor's degree is as general as possible, students can choose any course and at the end graduates have a diploma not of any particular profession, but are a Bachelor of Science or, for example, a bachelor's degree in the arts. The school year begins in early September and ends in mid-May.

The gender composition of the university is balanced as much as possible: among bachelors of female women about 50%, among the faculty about 53%. Beginning in 1900, there has been a rivalry between Harvard and MIT students, from the day the two universities were announced, which was later abolished. But because of the failed merger there were also positive sins: MIT students can attend the courses they like at Harvard and vice versa for free.