#44 Required parameter with argument should show respective error message
Opened 4 years ago by akasurde. Modified 3 years ago

When ipa-getcert is requested with required parameter with argument, command simply shows detail help message. Instead, it should show particular fail message related to particular parameter.

For example,

ipa-getcert request -d /tmp/sample -n cacertreq -t

ipa-getcert - client certificate enrollment tool

Usage: ipa-getcert request [options]

Required arguments:

  • If using an NSS database for storage:
    -d DIR NSS database for key and cert
    -n NAME nickname for NSS-based storage (only valid with -d)
    -t NAME optional token name for NSS-based storage (only valid with -d)

Here, '-t' is required parameter with argument, but ipa-getcert show detail help message, instead of telling user about '-t' option requirements.

This should be improved by commit 20bea7e, which will be part of the next release. It might not be the best level of detail (guidance about what, specifically, the missing argument should look like is still in the longer help message), but you're told which option was missing its argument.

Metadata Update from @nalin:
- Issue set to the milestone: 0.79

3 years ago

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