#38 [RFE] Start certmonger with incoming D-Bus message
Opened 5 years ago by dkupka. Modified 3 years ago

Enable autostart of certmonger service with incoming DBus message.
There're (at least) 2 ways how to achieve this:

  • Modify systemd certmoger service file
  • Add DBus certmonger service file

What's the use case? There's some support for it when running as a session daemon, but typically, you want the system daemon's monitoring and renewal logic to be started at bootup, rather than waiting for someone else to ask the daemon a question to cause it to be started.

I have a relevant use case.

  • A cloud instance is booted with a minimal server KVM image. certmonger is installed but not configured to start.
  • An administrator has added an ipa-getcert request as part of the instance's cloud-init configuration.

Yup, that's a pretty compelling use case. On systemd systems, we can drop the right file into /usr/share/dbus-1/system-services, and our service will helpfully be started the first time there's a message for it to process. Give or take a bug fix to finish setting up our handlers before we register our well-known service name, anyway. Since the code change is minor, I think it's reasonable to land those in 0.78.2.

Metadata Update from @nalin:
- Issue assigned to nalin
- Issue set to the milestone: 0.78

3 years ago

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