#32 Add a 'wait' flag to getcert's request/resubmit commands
Closed: Fixed None Opened 5 years ago by nalin.

In scripting things like an IPA server installation, we need to be able to wait for a certificate to be issued. I think IPA currently either reads our data files directly or parses the output of 'getcert list'. While it could use the D-Bus API to wait for a state change signal, we should provide a simpler option that makes 'getcert' wait until a request lands in MONITORING or a stuck/error state, and exits with a status that indicates which it was.

Adding that option to existing commands requires going over the exit status values that they already produce and making sure that errors that are encountered before we get to the point where we'd wait are distinguishable from the various "nope, didn't get a cert" status values.

There's also a bit of a worry that if the tool waits, while it waits, the script that ran it is basically unable to make it stop.

Those two things are making me think that adding a different command ('getcert status' or somesuch), that checks the status and returns that information as an exit status immediately, would be more script-friendly.

Added a -w flag and a new 'status' command that just sets exit status; both should be available in 0.75 and later.

Metadata Update from @nalin:
- Issue set to the milestone: 0.76

3 years ago

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