#12 Flesh out Dogtag support to make it usable outside of an IPA context
Opened 8 years ago by nalin. Modified 4 years ago

The code which we use to talk to Dogtag right now is parameterized so that it could be told to use settings other than defaults suitable for IPA, but we don't expose them except as command-line arguments which can be supplied to the enrollment helper. It should be fleshed out a bit so that an administrator can submit possibly non-agent requests to a server after storing contact information in certmonger.conf.

If we can read the configuration for a security domain, that might simplify things.

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Some of the authentication options need testing, but we're pretty much there in 0.78: we can pass in UIDs, UDNs, passwords, and PINs, reading either of the latter two from files, submit the initial request using the agent creds, and parse success results when we do so.

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4 years ago

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