#109 Release tag for certmonger-0.79.7
Closed: fixed 6 months ago by slev. Opened a year ago by slev.

There is no certmonger-0.79.7 tag.
Please, update.

Not sure what you mean.

$ git clone https://pagure.io/certmonger.git
$ cd certmonger
$ git checkout certmonger-0.79.7
$ git log -1

commit 78fd50c (HEAD,
tag: certmonger-0.79.7)
Author: Rob Crittenden rcritten@redhat.com
Date: Mon Feb 18 10:51:29 2019 -0500

Tag 0.79.7

Signed-off-by: Rob Crittenden rcritten@redhat.com

Hi, @rcritten.
Sorry for the delay. I hoped the author of issue auto-subscribes to that issue, but ...
Actually, this issue doesn't make sense due to the next version of certmonger.
May be, at the time of issue there was some pagure problem, I don't know.

git log --tags --graph --oneline
* c9b7c40f (tag: certmonger-0.79.8) Tag 0.79.8
* ff0bce09 Display profile, MS template and requested issuer if available
* 7736d393 Move systemd tmpfiles from /var/run to /run
* 3ea833df Drop tests for 1024 and 1536-bit keys
* c2687bdf Change /var/run -> /run in systemd service file
* d4e43d20 Tag 0.79.7
| * 78fd50c7 (tag: certmonger-0.79.7) Tag 0.79.7
* 632fc96c test handling of DNs with escaped chars
* bf91c284 csrgen-o: extract X509_NAME creation subroutines
* 647aaf59 (tag: certmonger-0.79.6) Tag 0.79.6

For now, there is a merge conflict (certmonger-0.79.7 -> certmonger-0.79.8).
But this also doesn't matter :-)
Thank you.

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- Issue close_status updated to: fixed
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

6 months ago

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