b28dbc0 Rework how we clean up after rekeys with NSS

Authored and Committed by nalin 5 years ago
    Rework how we clean up after rekeys with NSS
    Change what we do when saving a certificate to an NSS database to more
    closely match expectations: instead of fiddling with the key's nickname,
    which is basically unused except by us, remove nicknames from keys after
    we've gotten a certificate using them.
    We already do the "look for a key that matches a certificate with the
    specified nickname" dance elsewhere, so doing so doesn't harm us during
    subsequent renewal or information retrieval attempts, but it lets the
    output of 'certutil -K' look the same, give or take the order in which
    keys are printed.
    This also fixes handling of the cases where we attempt a rekey but the
    CA gives us a certificate that uses our old key - we add the candidate
    key to the list of keys we'll either unname or remove, so it either
    becomes an orphan key (if we're preserving keys in general) or gets
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