#20 kmod_ib-qib
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I have a request for the:

lspci | grep -i infiniband
07:00.0 InfiniBand: QLogic Corp. IBA7322 QDR InfiniBand HCA (rev 02)

there is an elrepo support for the driver:


I'll have a look at it.

However the InfiniBand subsystem tends to be a very active subsystem. To get the module compile against the latest Stream kernel requires to first identify required backports.

Hence I have to see when I do have time to have a look.

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6 months ago

I had only little time to look into it. As expected the driver source code part of the CentOS Stream 8 kernel does not compile against current EL or CentOS Stream kernels.
For kernels up to 4.18.0-348.el8 it is sufficient to backport one commit from upstream kernel sources.
For kernels >= 4.18.0-358.el8 this is not sufficient anymore. I already identified a total of 8 commits that need to be backported. These at least allow the source code to be compiled against 4.18.0-358.el8. However this does not imply that the driver actually works. Additional backports may be required.

I attached a version compiled against kernel-4.18.0-358.el8 (kmod-ib_qib-
I also attached a version compiled against kernel-4.18.0-365.el8 (kmod-ib_qib- although no required kernel symbols have been changed. However it is very likely that this kernel module is also affected by a known bug 1, 2.

Make sure to only install one of the two versions!
Please test if this version works for you. Thanks!

For older kernels please use the version provided by elrepo.



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