#99 Restore support for SPICE + QXL for CentOS Stream Hyperscale 9
Opened 6 months ago by ngompa. Modified 5 months ago

Red Hat has decided to turn off SPICE and QXL for the Virtualization stack in CentOS Stream 9. Unfortunately, this means that higher performance graphics and a number of user experience features are missing, especially for VDI and other similar use-cases.

We should look into restoring this capability with our version of the virtualization stack.

I think most of the userspace stuff should be possible in EPEL (qemu, spice-server, etc.). Then we just need to make sure we prefer those over the RHEL ones when baking in virtualization into our images.

Metadata Update from @dcavalca:
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6 months ago

Looks like we're also missing virglrenderer.

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